SAPinsider Report– 2021 CIO Perspectives: Strategic Business Priorities and the SAP Agenda

Focus on Improving Enterprise Agility in the Face of Chaos

Continuous disruptions are leading companies everywhere to reevaluate their priorities and business operations. CIOs identified enterprise agility improvements as crucial for navigating the future. Intuitive, customizable technology solutions are at the heart achieving enterprise agility.

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Adaptability is Crucial for Business Systems

The ability to respond to changing conditions and gain meaningful visibility into your business operations at a moment’s notice is necessary to achieve enterprise agility. Highly customized ERP systems were once seen as a major asset for organizations, but the effort required to make changes make them an obstacle to operations. Technology solutions that are flexible and unlock data trapped in legacy systems will be difference makers for organizations going forward.

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Citizen Development is Key to Driving Business Transformation

Streamlining digital operations and making business systems and data easily accessible in the cloud will require professionals with expertise in application development. At the same time, IT departments are stretched beyond their means. Citizen developers within your organization will be required to advance business transformation. Flexible technology that empowers citizen development will be pivotal.

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