Productivity tips to increase your workflow

May 21, 2018

When it comes to finishing a task or a project successfully and on time, productivity is key. Productivity is the measure of efficiency in a person, machine, or system. There are many ways to maximize your productivity to lead to a successful workflow and outcome. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started on your upcoming tasks.

Prioritize and organize

There will be times when you will have to complete a few important projects at once or in a short duration of time. This will require you to prioritize them and rank the projects in order of time sensitivity and high to low importance. When deciding which projects to accomplish first, it is important to consider any deadlines that may be in place. Finish the projects that are due first and then focus on the ones you have more time for. Also, think about the length of time it will take you to complete each task as well. Start earlier on bigger projects and save the smaller ones for once the others are completed.

Organization is extremely important when working on a task as well. Whether your workspace is a kitchen table, home office, or cubicle at work, keeping a clean and organized desk can help you create an easier and more productive workflow. A clean area will enable you to know where all your supplies are located and keep your mind clear from the messy distraction of papers piled high or empty coffee cups.

Time management

To reach your goals, it is crucial to exercise time management skills. Once you have prioritized your tasks, it is important to block out sets of time to work on each one. Make sure for larger projects you are allowing more time for work to be done. It's also important to take breaks from your work to refresh and recharge. Some ideas for taking a mental break are getting up and going for a walk, making a snack, getting caffeine, taking a power nap, and chatting with a friend or coworker.

Minimize distractions

In the technology filled world we live in today, there can be so many distractions while you are trying to get a project finished. The best thing for increased productivity, would be to silence your phone or other mobile device. Turning it off completely is a good option as well. This way the sound of a text message, email, or phone call will not take your attention away from the task at hand. Another distraction could be a few co-workers chatting nearby in the office. A simple solution to tune them out would be to buy a good set of headphones. There are even headphones that are considered noise canceling. You will look like you're hard at work and not to be bothered and if they work well, you will not be able to hear the chatting as much or at all. Other distractions that can interrupt your workflow are hunger and a disorganized workspace.