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Problem Solved: Motivating People To Use Your Web Database Application Solution

June 13, 2017

There’s a reason motivational speaking is a multi-million dollar industry. Have you ever seen a really good speaker whip the audience into a frenzy? This person can get an entire group of people emotionally invested in selling aluminum siding. It’s really quite amazing.

Now that your online database has been integrated into the office workflow, you have to become an effective motivator too. Maybe not on the scale of our aluminum siding guru, but definitely in some capacity. You see, just because there’s a new web database application solution out there doesn’t mean people are going to use. So, grab your pom-poms. You’re about to become a cheerleader.

As we’ve mentioned before, many people will opt for the familiar over the cutting-edge when given the choice. No matter how slow or inefficient the current process is, at least they know how it works. Your online database is the new kid in town. That being the case, you’ve got to take it out, show it around and introduce it to your friends so they can see how cool it is.

Getting people to use your new web database application solution requires a similar approach.

  • First, show everyone how it improves their day. If it’s a time-saving web database application, point out how it will allow them to get their work done faster, meet their deadlines and maybe even leave the office earlier each night. If it’s a project management web database application, like Quickbase, show them how it consolidates multiple spreadsheets, provides customized reports and even gives them their own personal dashboard.
  • Illustrating how your new solution can help team members on an individual basis is another great motivational tactic. If they’re getting work done faster and more efficiently, then they will surely get the attention of senior management. That kind of positive attention is how careers advance and corporate ladders are climbed.
  • Finally, do what any good motivator would do. Close with a little emotion. Show each person how using this new online database application makes them better at what they do. Remind them why they’re here and confirm that doing their job well helps the company reach the goals that have been set. The more successful the company, the more successful its employees will be.

You’ve worked hard to design and implement your new web database application solution. Now you have to work just as hard to make sure people use it as it was intended. Consider this our motivational speech to you.