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How to Sell in a New IT Management System

June 13, 2017

You ever take a moment to observe the people in your office as they go about their workday? The one thing you’ll notice is that your co-workers are creatures of habit. They use the same coffee mug, eat the same thing for lunch and, in some cases, make the same bad jokes day after day. So, when it comes to selling in something as big as a new IT management system, you’re going to get some resistance from people who don’t much care for variation in their daily lives.

Worry not. There are ways to get even the most change-averse among us to accept and even embrace a new system. And when the new system in question features Quickbase IT Management software, you’ve already got a lot going for you.

At the executive level, there are few simple, but effective things you can do. First, show these key decision makers how Quickbase will save the company time and money. Executives who always have their eye on the bottom line can’t resist a product or service that is going to have a positive effect on the financials. Next, explain how Quickbase will pay for itself over time. Now, you’ve provided something that not only saves money, but does so while covering its own expenses as well. Finally, demonstrate how Quickbase will improve productivity and efficiency throughout the company. This is just another way of saying that you’ll be able to do things faster and less expensively so that the company can turn even more profit.

Believe it or not, your co-workers can be a little tougher to crack than the executives. As you already know, they’re not much for change. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t show them all the good Quickbase can do.

First, show everyone how Quickbase helps your co-workers get their work done faster, meet their deadlines and maybe even get home earlier each night.

This can work on a personal level as well. If they’re working faster and more efficiently, they’ll get the attention of senior management and ultimately advance their careers.

Finally, do what any good salesperson would do. Add a little emotion. Show each person how using this new system makes them better at what they do. Remind them doing their job well makes the whole company that much more successful.

Selling in a new system is never easy. But, when you approach it the right way, you will succeed.