Children at school

Fun Educational Software & Games for Kids

May 10, 2018

As a kid, you're taught a lot of things while you're in school. When school's out for the weekend or the summer, you don't have to stop learning, though. You can also learn a lot while at home, and you can have fun doing it! Your parents can help by putting educational software on your computer. These programs are often fun: You can even learn by playing games! Educational games are like video games, but they teach you things like spelling, addition, subtraction, or grammar. Your parents can also help you download learning apps to your smartphone or tablet. You can even use these apps while you're in the car. Do you want to do more than play video games? There are other fun things you can do at home to learn things, too, like cool science experiments that you can do with your parents.

  • Super Elmo's ABC Jump - Play this game and help Super Elmo find both uppercase and lowercase versions of the same letter.
  • Demolition Division - Click on this link for a math game that lets you destroy tanks by solving division problems.
  • Make Rain Clouds in a Bottle - This activity on the National Geographic Kids page has you making rain and clouds in a bottle and is meant to teach you about the water cycle.
  • Grammar Gorillas - Practice your grammar skills with gorillas by clicking on this link and helping them to identify parts of speech.
  • Typing Jungle - It's never too early to learn how to type, and this typing program can easily be used to teach kids the basics.
  • Explore All 50 U.S. States - Click on each state to read its profile and learn interesting facts about its history, population, flag, and more.
  • Space Quest - Choose a cadet and play this space game that teaches kids like you how to code.
  • Electro-Matic Factory (PDF) - Print out and study this drawing about electrical safety and then circle what's dangerous in the picture and write down how to stay safe.
  • Paw Patrol: Stay Safe - Visit this Nick Jr. page to learn about safety while playing a fun game with the Paw Patrol.
  • Habitats Game - Learn about where different animals live by playing this habitat game on the Smithsonian Science Education website.
  • Sound Science - This activity from the San Diego Zoo tells you how to use a balloon to make loud sounds the way that animals like frogs do.
  • Bug Hunt - Spend an afternoon outside with your parents to discover and study all kinds of bugs with this bug-hunting activity.
  • Ninja Fighters Multiplayer - This is a game that's meant to help you study adjectives and fight monsters. Carefully read the instructions and click "OK" to begin.
  • Rock Candy - Watch and learn how crystals are formed by following this recipe to make rock candy! You'll need a parent to help you, but the results will be delicious.
  • Hovercrafty - Print this page and follow Marvin and Milo as they show you how to create a hovercraft using a balloon and an old CD.
  • Make Labs Biosphere and More! - With the help of your parents and the instructions on this page of Make magazine's website, you can create a small ecosystem, or environment, in a jar with this biosphere activity.