Two people work together to import data to a Quickbase app

Database Building Shortcuts

June 13, 2017

Everybody likes to know about shortcuts on the road. They save you time and aggravation and get you where you want to go a whole lot faster. In the office, the same can be said about database building shortcuts.

Look, we all love our spreadsheets. They’re great for number crunching and laying out information in a neat, easy-to-scan format. But, they’re no substitute for a web database that can provide collaborative features that spreadsheets can’t. Tools like dashboards display important reports, chars, graphs and timelines. That means your data is always current, so you don’t have to compile, merge and waste valuable time waiting for updates.

A good database has to remove barriers and let the users get where they’re going fast. Anyone who has ever tried to build their own database knows what a hassle it is to set up. You’ve got to define tables, fields, forms and reports. Not to mention roles and permissions. It’s a tedious and time-consuming process.

But, what if those core functions were created automatically? What if you could import a spreadsheet or a selected database from a library of pre-made database applications? And what if all the core functions were already built-in?

If you had something that did all that, what you’d actually have is Quickbase.

By streamlining data gathering, tracking tasks and communication, Quickbase database software makes life a lot easier for your project managers. Now, instead of trying to track down status updates and consolidate spreadsheets, they can focus all their attention on managing projects.

Team members benefit as well. With Quickbase, they have access to the most up-to-date data all in one central place. They’re always ready to make smart, timely decisions based on information that is current and relevant. No more guesswork. No more waiting for updates. No more wasting time.

Quickbase doesn’t require any programming. So, you can change features, remove and even replace them without getting into any coding hassles. It’s as easy as using a spreadsheet.

Want to get started right away? Quickbase software makes it easy to import your data and get up and running immediately. You can choose from several online project management software application templates and then easily adapt them to your needs. You don’t even need IT to customize them for you.

Shortcuts on the road get your to your destination faster. Shortcuts in your database get your to your goals faster.