A woman builds a Quickbase Pipeline on a desktop computer at the office

A brief history of software and computing

October 2, 2018

When you think of a computer, what do you think of? For some people, they would think of their smartphone, which has a tremendous amount of computing power. Others may think of the laptop or tablet that they use, which also does a multitude of tasks. And others may think of a desktop personal computer that they may be using at work, school or home. While all of these are examples of computers, they have come a long way since early computers.

The earliest computing machines did basic mathematical calculations. While they were helpful, they had just a very small percentage of the power that current computers contain. Over time pioneers in computing continued to work on computers to make them more functional. From computers that took up an entire room to microcomputers of today, the history of computing and computers makes for a compelling story.

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