Quickbase’s unique approach to enterprise-grade low code

Join us to learn more about how Quickbase empowers innovation and digital transformation within enterprise organizations.

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Andrew Varley

Andrew Varley, VP of Product Management

Andrew has been with Quickbase for over six years and has spent that time dedicated to the success of our customers. Most recently, he was involved with the Cloudpipes acquisition and now is focused on achieving Quickbase’s vision and expanding the power of the platform to everyone.
Alice Hinshaw

Alice Rich, Product Manager

Originally from Iowa, Alice now lives in Boston with her husband, Matt and their cat, Charlie. She earned a master's degree in Clarinet Performance from Ithaca College prior to starting at Quickbase in 2017. In that time, she has worked in a variety of different roles in the company including Tech Support, Customer Success, and now Product Management where she is focused on improving the experience of building and interacting with reports.
Tech Builders

Pivot to flexible, innovative systems

In a recent Harvard Business Review study, 92% of CIOs say a “dual-track” approach is essential to digital transformation, pairing traditional, IT-led grand-scale transformation with a new form of business-led “rapid cycle innovation”. Yet only 31% of companies are adopting this approach.

Using the traditional, IT-led grand-scale transformation IT and business leaders have created a solid tech foundation and are making some progress, but… Core customizations are too rigid, expensive, and slow, relying on hard-to-find specialty resources. Point solution sprawl creates extra work, hundreds of data islands, and mounting expenses. And more DIY tools, like error-prone spreadsheets and no-code tools, make data invisible to employees who need it day-to-day and a burden to maintain.

Unresponsive and inflexible systems

Even with all this effort, the business is still constrained by an unresponsive and inflexible system.

Join Quickbase VP of Product Management Andrew Varley and Product Manager Alice Rich on this webinar to learn how Quickbase’s low-code solutions can help you:

  • Unite your data and put it to work
  • Build an ecosystem of apps that work for your workflow
  • Safely engage your people in citizen development to let those closest to the work build the solutions
  • Mature beyond spreadsheet-centric solutions
  • Surface insights in real-time so you always have the information you need at your fingertips
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