Webinar: Promoting Operational Agility at Your Business

How County of Mono Optimized their Business Processes through Low-Code, sponsored by Quick Base

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Webinar Speakers

Caroline Englert

Caroline Englert

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Quick Base
Nate Greenberg

Nate Greenberg

Director of Information Technology, County of Mono
Quickbase Automation

Maintain Operational Agility for Success

To thrive in today’s technology, you must bring everyone together to safely flex and evolve your business processes and applications to stay competitive. Join us as we discuss IT’s role in tackling the challenges around business continuity and staying agile through disruption.

Caroline Englert, Product Marketing Manager at Quick Base, will sit down with Nate Greenberg, Director of Information Technology at the County of Mono, to discuss how Low-Code has enabled his organization to pivot faster, and how IT’s support of citizen developers has helped his organization thrive.

Navigate Adversity Through Collaboration

In this session we will discuss how the County of Mono used low-code to quickly manage their COVID-19 response, business and IT collaboration and co-development, and maintaining IT safety and governance controls throughout the greater organization.
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