Deliver the car of the future with Quickbase

Make your unique processes manageable with a no-code software platform designed to help you achieve operational excellence — all with Quickbase.

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It sets us up for long-term, consistent quality. With MAFACT, people won’t forget the solution and it prevents problems in the future. We know how to do the right things at the right time with the right people.
Mike Nishimura
Director of MAFACT & Manufacturing Support, Magna International
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Today, Magna saves ~1.7M from just one plant in the Powertrain division by using no-code application development to drive efficiency in quality and improvement workflows.
Quickbase offers no-code software to help you manage your complex, high-stake projects, by helping you see, connect, and control every aspect.

Accelerate continuous improvement

Get faster time to value by empowering your people to make changes to the way they work and get better every day. Quickbase gives you instant visibility into your workflows, allowing you to make smarter decisions and stay agile in an ever-changing world.

Magna uses Quickbase to enable employees to submit new ideas for continuous improvement, which are then tracked through the review and implementation processes.

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Maintain best-in-class quality

Achieve operational excellence by tracking and managing quality-related KPIs to detect, reduce, and eliminate errors. With Quickbase, you'll improve your customers' experiences while minimizing costs and waste.

Watch the demo here to learn how Magna currently uses Quickbase reports & dashboards to provide critical insights into the QA processes, and how Quickbase enables teams to review items outside a determined tolerance.

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