Fleet Management

Customer Centric Companies Demand Fleet Agility

Reduce cost and risk while keeping drivers safe and your fleet running.

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Your fleet is unique. Let your process be, too.

Private fleet teams need to reduce total cost of ownership, ensure fleet quality and availability, while prioritizing safety of drivers to meet supply chain demands.

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Extend existing systems

Build customizable workflows or reports on top of existing systems that extend use (and investment) of your fleet and business systems.

Track unique processes

Manage your unique processes, or the few processes underserved by fleet technology that can reduce TCO, such as cleaning schedule optimization and maintenance root-cause triaging.
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Centralize KPI reports

Create a single source of truth for overall fleet spend, trends, and per model MPG comparisons.
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Automate data collection

Eliminate non-value, manual work from your team’s day-to-day.

A Fleet Ready For the Unexpected

Fleet management software, telematics, and permit tracking are core to an effectively run fleet, built to maintain predictable day-to-day operations.

But what happens when you encounter the unexpected? You'll need new policies, reports, and tasks, which often fall outside of core systems.

As a critical and complex operation, private fleet teams need the agility to respond to fluctuating demand and fleet electrification, in addition to asset management, maintenance tracking, and enforcing new safety SOPs.

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4 out of the top 5 organizations on 2019 FleetOwner 500 are Quickbase customers.

That's because Quickbase solves challenges by helping professionals perfect the unique processes in private fleet that FMS platforms can’t address.

Customize & Streamline Your Workflows

Streamline the processes and data used across your fleet and transportation teams in a customizable platform that can help reduce equipment spend and increase fleet efficiency.

Provide visibility and accessibility to a single source of truth across fleet trends, spend, and status – from the office or the field – and minimize complexity and miscommunication from disconnected teams and activities.

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Perfect Your Manufacturing Processes

Self-sufficiency enables employees closest to the work to identify process inefficiencies and quickly solve problems.

Digital workflows are customized in hours or days to your exact processes, and are agile enough to iterate when business changes or disruption hits.

Break down silos across fleet, transportation, and the whole business to foster a culture of continuous improvement. Connect processes, data, and teams across the entire organization – from the field to the board room.

Solve countless challenges on a single platform, consolidate multiple tools and data sources into one source of truth, and extend use of existing fleet and business systems to maximize investment.