Quickbase for education management & database software

Ensure a safe and enriching experience for students and staff with digitized and streamlined workflows, all with Quickbase.

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Empower your institutions

The world’s top universities and institutions turn to Quickbase to execute programs and manage data.

Digitize data management & reporting

Quickly analyze data, oversee your operations and make data-driven decisions with customized dashboards and reports.

Access information easier with automation

Get a real-time view of your most critical data by filtering, sorting, grouping, and searching existing information. Automate your workflows with smart forms that trigger data updates and actions.

Manage HR operations in one place

Maintain all your important HR information including: organizational charts, employee directories, salary information, time records, performance management data, talent recruitment and application tracking, and new hire onboarding.

Drive flexibility and increase speed

Adapt to new school requirements, programs, and initiatives, and quickly implement new systems and create custom applications to maintain pace. Whether your institution is K-12, higher education, or an advanced research university, Quickbase has the tools for your success.

How does it work?

Our no-code platform lets you easily create, connect, and customize enterprise applications that fix visibility and workflow gaps without replacing a single system.

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