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From Academic records to Zoology textbooks, you can track and manage everything more efficiently with our central, flexible cloud platform – no coding required. No credit card required • No software to download • No obligation


Find out why the world’s top universities and institutions turn to Quickbase to more effectively execute their programs and manage their data.

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All The Functionality You Need To Run Your Institution

With Quickbase, you can organize and manage data in the cloud. Whatever kind of information you need to store – student records, class schedules, financial data, project status – we make it easy to collect and use that data in a way that makes sense to you. Put your mind at ease knowing our enterprise-grade security will keep your data backed up and fully protected. Benefit from our long legacy of trust and a cloud platform that supports over 6,000 organizations in a wide range of industries from finance and healthcare to legal and government. Quickly analyze data, oversee all your operations and make data-driven decisions with customized dashboards and reports. Easily make them accessible to anyone online to share important insights.

Easily store, manage, and access your institution's donor and applicant information with our powerful cloud-based CRM database. Quickbase’s flexible functionality provides your team with a real-time view of the most critical data. Enable everyone to filter, sort, group, search, and modify existing information to make your team more productive. Inform all stakeholders with an automated visual summary of key metrics to actively motivate your team. Automate your workflows with smart forms that trigger data updates and actions, all in just a few clicks and requires no coding or IT assistance.

The academic world is always changing – adapt quickly with tools that change with you. From real-time visibility into project status and performance, to automated notifications, reminders, and reports that keep everyone and everything on track – all to your institution's exact specifications, without coding a thing. Quickly create and assign tasks, track time and budget, and manage documents exactly how it makes sense for your organization, all with point and click simplicity. Help your team stay on course to meet delivery deadlines and drive better outcomes by spotting issues and obstacles before they even occur.

Say goodbye to spreadsheet chaos. With Quickbase human resources software, you can eliminate manual tasks and keep your team focused on what matters most — your people. Our HRMS has a powerful database to maintain all your important HR information including: organizational charts, employee directories, salary information, time records, performance management data, talent recruitment and application tracking, new hire onboarding, and more. Everything is centralized within a cloud-based human resource management solution that delivers the utmost in reliability, security and compliance.

During the Quickbase training, everything really clicked and I had a working app within a few days. I don’t believe we could have launched a program like this as fast, or shown success so quickly, without Quickbase.
Jennifer GriffithAssociate Dean for Public Health Practice, Texas A&M University