The Forrester Wave™: Low-Code Platforms For Business Developers, Q4 2021

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Quickbase recognized as a leader

Quickbase believes the future of the low-code/no-code market is in the business. Analysts, administrators, engineers, project managers, and other business subject matter experts are finding new and creative ways to get more out of existing resources. All of this in service to workflow and process efficiency, eliminating the friction and frustration business professionals face in carrying out their jobs.

“Democratized development is now an enterprise strategy,”

Partnerships in the digital era

The report continues: “In the digital era, software is an expression of the business. This means that all the business qualities of a firm — its policies, processes, data, know-how, etc. — must be quickly codified and continuously improved in software. This requires an enormous number of new apps — and ongoing change to those apps — and is far beyond the capacity and responsiveness of most IT orgs.”

At the forefront, Quickbase believes this requires a closer partnership between IT and line-of-business leaders to enable more people in the business to innovate. There is latent potential in business technologists, those that have a propensity for process and technology, to build digital solutions. These are the people who are taking ownership over the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes and workflows in their organizations.

Forrester Wave business placement 2021
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A no-code leader

In this report, we believe you’ll see how Quickbase leads the no-code market with:

  • An aggressive and well-researched strategy and vision.
  • Capabilities for many enterprise use cases.
  • Customers who are empowered to build apps at scale.
  • App development and platform governance capabilities.

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