How to Track Delivery Status and 3PL Compliance in Real-Time

An IndustryWeek webinar from February 2021, sponsored by Quickbase.

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Micha Hardie

Micha Hardie

Micha Hardie is a Demand Programs Manager at Quickbase. As a member of the Marketing team, Micha works to educate industrial organizations on no-code tools and strategies that can be used to continuously improve, digitally transform and achieve competitive advantage in operations. Micha has 3+ years of experience in SaaS technology, working in big data governance prior to Quickbase.
Lawrence Wiggins

Lawrence Wiggins

Lawrence Wiggins is an Enterprise Solutions Consultant, who has been with Quickbase since 2012. Lawrence is passionate about working with business professionals and leaders across various industries to understand their business challenges and goals. He currently resides in Charlotte, NC with his wife and daughter.

Enable Proactive Solutions in Your Organization

Your supply chain is your organization’s life-blood. If you have logistical issues like missed deliveries or non-compliant 3PL providers, then the efficiency of your supply chain is impacted, harming customer relations, and eventually your bottom line.

How can you spot these supply chain problems when they are small and fixable? Manufacturers with best-in-class supply chains are turning to no-code platforms. By uniting information, workflows, and employees with no-code, logistics leaders achieve greater visibility into delivery status and 3PL compliance – allowing them to mitigate issues before they arise.

5 Process Improvement Quick Wins
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Achieve a World-Class Supply Chain Through No-Code

Join us to learn how no-code can enable your organization for excellence. The Quickbase team will explain how innovative supply chains are using no-code platforms to:

  • Provide real-time visibility into logistics operations
  • Increase automation within complex processes
  • Build agile, adaptable operations

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