Webinar: How to Achieve Real-time, End-to-End Visibility of Your Supply Chain

Inflexible legacy systems and manual processes can prevent you from achieving end-to-end visibility of operations, compromising the efficiency of your supply chain and customer value.

Supply chain fleet management

Quickbase has enabled us to raise the bar on accountability, continuity, and responsiveness.

Joe Gill
Director of Systems Automation, THIS

We’ll be exploring the story of Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS) who solved issues like:

♦  Lack of visibility across locations and decentralized teams
♦  Siloed systems and data
♦  Information bottlenecks
♦  Time consuming, manual performance reporting

…by leveraging a low-code platform. With Quickbase, THIS has aggregated data across their entire supply chain, automated reporting, tripled analyst productivity, and improved visibility for themselves and their customers – all without uprooting their core systems.

Woman checking tablet on manufacturing floor

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