How IT and Business Leaders Can Drive Operational Agility with Low Code

Agility requires large scale transformation and rapid innovation.

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We live in the agility age, surrounded by constant change

• Cloud-native companies are disrupting every industry. Businesses are changing faster than your technology can support.
• Yet, just as demands keep rising, tech resources are harder to find or more expensive.
• So, you’re pressured to re-think how you’re approaching digital transformation—or risk falling behind.

In a recent Harvard Business Review study, 92% of CIOs say a “dual-track” approach is essential to digital transformation, pairing traditional, IT-led grand scale transformation with a new form of business-led “rapid cycle innovation”. Yet only 31% of companies are adopting this approach.

Join Quickbase Director of Solution Consulting, Chris Pliakas and Tanya Fox, Manager, Enterprise Sales, Quickbase on this webinar to learn how low-code solutions can help you:

Unite your data and put it to work

Build unique dynamic workflows

Safely engage your people in citizen development

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