Extend your core systems and quickly connect data

Build a layer of agility into your software ecosystem and automate workflows

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Simple workflow orchestration

Use the power of low-code to optimize your current business technology stack. Quickbase Pipelines makes it easy to integrate external systems and orchestrate workflows across a broad ecosystem of software by leveraging an intuitive visual interface to drag-and-drop the components of your business logic.

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Automate your processes

Automate and optimize business processes and ensure operational agility. A low code based business technology stack enables you to pivot quickly when disruption happens.
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Aggregate information

Break down infomation silos with the power and flexibility to aggregate data from many sources and convert it to actionable information available to decision makers in real-time.

Extend core systems

Unlock data held within core corporate systems with an integration platform usable by business application developers. Flexible enough for almost anyone with the enterprise-grade security and powered by core IT policies.
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Migrate your Excel spreadsheets in minutes

Processes still based on spreadsheets are moderately better than having a paper-based process. Relying on manual updates, emailing files for data aggregation is time consuming, error prone, creates delays in delivering actionable data and is a keystroke away from catastrophe.

Quickbase enables automatic data updates, fine grain roles and permissions for data access, all in real time so decision makers have the most up-to-date actionable data.

Frequently asked questions

Quickbase supports three distinct integration capabilities tailored to the needs and expertise of different application developers:

  1. Using a visual drag-and-drop interface, any application developer can develop apps integrating to external products and data sets, regardless of their level of expertise
  2. A full-function RESTful API for any custom integrations not already supported by Quickbase
  3. Webhooks for simple access to data stored outside of Quickbase

Quickbase Pipelines provides a catalog of predefined integration channels to popular third party applications. Read our API Guide to learn more about Quickbase’s native API capabilities.

Quickbase Pipelines empowers businesses to manage people and data, report and gain insight, orchestrate workflow, and integrate systems within one unified platform. Pipelines are made up of the following:

  • Pipeline: the overall workflow that is defined and automated by builders
  • Channel: a third-party service or built-in function used to configure a Pipeline
  • Step: the individual building blocks of business logic within a Pipeline

Pipelines can be built with an intuitive, drag-and-drop visual builder, which makes it easy for citizen developers or business builders to create more complex integrations and orchestrate automated workflow even faster on their own or in partnership with IT.

Read the full FAQs here.

Yes, Pipelines can be used to create integrations and automate work that happens entirely outside of their Quickbase applications. Pipelines is available to Quickbase customers that are already on one of our existing supported plans, which includes access to build applications.

Quickbase has helped us streamline the new project creation process and saved our team time.
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Integrated Programs & Systems Manager, UBM

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