URL Formula Buttons for Dummies v1

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Example of how to create a URL formula buttons which can perform multiple actions in one click.


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URL Formula Buttons for Dummies v1 app from QuickBase Exchange

By over 3 years ago

App quickly helped accelerate my understanding of the subject

Helpful app to describe URL

By over 3 years ago

Mark knows his stuff back and forth so having a little app like this is pretty cool. Maybe he'll make some more :-)

By over 3 years ago

Explains some of the internal Quickbase formula's so that you can recreate them and alter as needed. Work's perfect for creating a submit button to trigger an email alert.

Huge help!

By over 3 years ago

Mark has been instrumental in helping me to customize Quickbase for our company using formula URL buttons. This guide is a must have! Thanks you so much!

Helpful app, a good start to URL Schemes

By over 3 years ago

This application is a helpful startup guide to URL schemes within the Quickbase Ecosystem--highly recommend for users looking for a good way to quickly onboard to utilizing this powerful tool.

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Mark Shnier YQC

Principal of the one man Software Development Consultancy "Your Quickbase Coach". Quickbase is a Cloud based service which allows for rapid and low cost deployment of powerful web based systems. After a career in our large family business in Floor Covering Distribution across Canada, we sold our active Floor Covering businesses and I morphed myself into a Quickbase Developer as a second career. I love working with the product and helping people exploit its features to the fullest. Having come out of "industry", I understand how businesses run and how business owners and managers need to find cost effective work flow solutions which eliminate errors and waste, and let people get their job done in a highly efficient manner. I offer Quickbase Development and Training Services, including that middle ground of helping users to help themselves and then being there as a backup "Go To" resource for tricky problems. I'm also addicted to answering questions on the Quickbase Community Forum having answered thousands of them since I started working with the product back in 2002.