Ticker File, E-Mail Reminders

Author: Larry Koolkin
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Tickler with email reminders.


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Overall Very Good Feature

By over 3 years ago

Application helps you to manage your business and staff without having to manually follow up. Some fields would work better for us if they could be customized further but overall you can work around that shortcomings.

Tickler File

By over 3 years ago

Would take too much editing for our purposes, so will build one from scratch

Easy to use task reminder system

By over 3 years ago

A very easy to use reminder system where at the end of the day I get an email that contains all of the due items that I need to work on. Once I edit a particular item and mark it as "done" and it stops showing up in the daily emails. Great solution for my task list especially since I need a lot of remote clients to be able to create tasks for me. This way they also have a great visibility on how backed up I am and when I will be able to get to their requested task.

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