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Author: James Cosman
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Strategic Management Portal by VeilSun, Inc. allows an organization to manage its executive goals all the way to execution using common business planning elements such as Goals, Strategies, Objectives, and Tactics. The application also allows management to measure results against their objectives and assign action items. The application can also be expanded to integrate with common business intelligence tools to track progress towards strategies.


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By over 3 years ago

We use Quickbase to build apps for a number of business needs, but sometimes it is nice to just pick something off the shelf for quick spool up. We needed an app that could help us build a strategy roadmap for the coming year. Strategic Management came to my attention as being fairly easy to work with, and something that I could get my staff involved with without a lot of training. So far, I am pleased. Because we have a fair amount of in-house Quickbase programming capability, we did make some initial changes to linking of the tables so that Goals, Strategies and Objectives could be mapped to multiple objects. Looks like it will work well for us.

Solid - but strange.

By over 3 years ago

This seems like a solid little app. The only weird part is - why is it GSOT instead of GOST? Everywhere I look the standard for these layouts is GOST.

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James Cosman

I am a managing partner at VeilSun, Inc., a Quickbase Solution Provider located in Denver and Houston. I have been implementing Quickbase applications for businesses large and small for 7 years now and still love building. I have an MBA from Rice University and enjoy scuba diving in my limited free time.