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This is a simple app which uses a checkbox to show each user what has changed since they last touched a record. Unlike the built-in QuickBase New flag (which auto-disappears 24 hours after the user logs in), this approach allows the checkbox to stick around until the user decides to clear it. In this app, each user of the app can decide when to clear all of the "new" checkboxes just for them for the Records table, by clicking a button "clear flags" on the App Home Page. There is another app in Exchange that shows an implementation that allows the user to clear checkboxes record by record. This was set up using an intermediate table that links Records to Audit Trail, and a summary field that summarizes the last time the current user clicked the button to "clear flags"


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Eloyse Ellerman

I have worked in QuickBase for years and years. I enjoy figuring out how to solve problems using the platform. If I develop something that I think someone else could find useful, I try to submit it to Exchange so that I can save someone time having to do it themselves. I am always amazed by the cool things other users have done with QuickBase.