Author: Phil Powis
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This app shows how to use a simple js script to record current location's Latitude and Longitude. It also creates a map view on the form with this data.


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Does what it says

By over 3 years ago

Good... but not what I'm looking for. If there was a QB app out there that allowed you to select a location by clicking anyway on a (google) map then that would be so awesome.

Needs better instructions on how to incorporate into other apps

By over 3 years ago

Instructions on how to move it into other apps need to be fleshed out.

GeoLocation and jQuery

By over 3 years ago

The app helped me learn the principles of Geolocation. Thanks to QB pros Chuck and Dan, i was able to springboard out of this app into Javascript and jQuery to use htm and image onload techniques for populating the latitude and longitude.