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Author: Xavier Fan
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Help create tests, assign multiple students to take multiple scheduled tests, and be able to track and compare estimated and actual grading times for each scheduled tests. This example app uses many-to-many table relationships - and the basic concepts can be extended to develop a more full-fledged student testing and tracking system. This is an example app to help answer the query in this community question: https://quickbase-community.intuit.com/questions/832010-what-am-i-missing-with-this-relationship-problem Objective: - for each test - create multiple scheduled tests - assign multiple students to take multiple scheduled tests - be able to track and compare estimated and actual grading times for each scheduled tests - when estimated grading time for a test is updated, it is updated for all scheduled tests of that type - to aid in planning and adjusting projections Solution: - 4 tables: Tests, Students, Scheduled Tests, Tests Taken - Estimated Grading Time is stored at the Tests level - Actual Grading Time is stored at the Scheduled Tests level - Tests Taken is an intermediate table in the many-to-many relationship between Students and Scheduled Tests Table Relationships: 1) 1 Test has many Scheduled Tests 2) 1 Scheduled Test has many Tests Taken 3) 1 Student has many Tests Taken When creating a Scheduled Test, the Estimated Grading Time is looked up from the selected Test. Key Reports: 1) Scheduled Tests > Total & Average Grading Time - shows all the Tests, with summaries for the Totals and Averages - for Grading Times 2) Scheduled Tests > Estimated vs. Actual Average Grading Time - Chart - graphically compares the Average Grading Time - for Estimated vs. Actual


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Not what I expected

By over 3 years ago

I was looking for more of a multiple choice test style app, not just a completion record.

Simple and very powerful!

By over 3 years ago

QuickBase has all the ingredients for creating and tracking projects. Intuit provides a number of apps that can be easily adapted to your own need. Additionally, the technical assistance they provide is simply awsome!

user / administrator

By over 3 years ago

I selected the app because it seemed to have what I need to set up our training database for our testing needs. I have been trying to do a chart and a report and while I haven't been successful - my time has been somewhat limited. I feel that overall this application will be very useful within our organization.

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