Essentials Order Manager With Inventory Tracking

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Create orders consisting of multiple products and/or services for your customers. Manage customer relationships and track rep activities to maximize productivity. Schedule meetings and keep track of important documents all in one place with this sales order CRM app. ***Curator Notes**** This is a compact application that provides a lot of efficiency in order management, inventory updates and tracking in one place.


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By over 3 years ago

This database software is perfect for what I need. It helped me on control and track all my jobs. There need to be more options on the templates, like for Automotive and Car repair. But orher than that. It is exelent.

I can do it on my own

By over 3 years ago

After reviewing and searching through the program, everything I hoped it could do for me can be done. However, it would take the same amount of work and time for me to create my own system for free.

to hard to work with.

By over 3 years ago

This app was not what I was looking for, and is to complicated for the system I am trying to manage. It may be that the type of program I am looking for does not exist yet. I will keep searching.