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Employee Performance Tracker

Track goals, accomplishments, skills, and reviews with this Employee Performance Tracker by Quick Base. Utilize a customizable dashboard showing goals and accomplishments to quickly see both quantitatively and qualitatively how an employee is performing. With this employee performance tracking template, drill-down into the employee, manager and overall goal levels to pinpoint the efficiencies and inefficiencies in your team and business.
What you can do with this business app:
Track performance from manager level down
Associate specific goals to employees and managers to understand individual achievement
Document time-to-completion of goals for accurate forecasting
Create user views for administrator, manager, and employee to control and personalize what each role sees
Prioritize goals to align employee and manager performance to executive priorities
Need more customization to fit your unique processes? Try customizing to:
Create Funnel, Kanban, or Gantt chart reports to visualize progress towards goals
Add table for performance reviews to align employee and managers on progress towards goals and consolidate parallel processes to one central location
Create calendar report to set benchmarks for goal progression and track versus actual completion
Generate report based on employee skills to accurately assign goals to the best fit employees
As a template, this pre-built employee performance tracker can serve as a grab-and-go solution, allowing you to implement your new employee performance tracking software with very little development and no coding necessary, or it can be modified to match how your team works. Download this employee performance tracking template to see how quickly you can align your team to drive efficiencies across your business and stay on track to meeting your executive priorities!
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