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Author: Craig McElroy
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This application demonstrates how formulas and forms can be used in conjunction to elevate the complexity of your data collection. Use formulas and form rules to control what data is being entered under what conditions. Use formulas to lock data or trigger reports to populate. Use formulas to group records by fiscal periods. Get the data you want, the way you want it.

This is an extensive app that aptly demonstrates how to use formulas and forms when entering data to get exactly the information you need. it includes the Empower 2015 powerpoint on Formulas and Form Rule Use Cases as an attachment which gives the specific formulas needed for each condition. This is an excellent training tool.

The demo app is a sophisticated evaluation solution that can be adapted for other company uses.


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forms and tricks

By over 3 years ago

good stuff - helps to set little tricks - thank you

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Craig McElroy

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