Data Analyzer Template App

This app works with the Data Analyzer AI to perform and store the results of the analyses.

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This app works with Quickbase’s Data Analyzer AI and plugin. Together, they deliver deep insights by analyzing statistical correlations in your data. This app comes with everything you need to perform and store the results of your analysis and make the one-time plugin installation as seamless as possible. Learn more about Data Analyzer

  • Don’t alter the structure or contents of the app—doing so may prevent Data Analyzer from working correctly. However, you can add to the app.

  • You can install this app and its plugin multiple times in your realm

Using the latest version of this template app will deliver best results and give you access to Data Analyzer enhancements, such as:

  • Only 20 records required for Data Analyzer to run, lowered from 80

  • Confidence score created for each factor

  • Insights created for factors with a confidence score below 80% to help identify early trends and empower your decision making

  • New link to the live chart in the original data table available in the factor details drill down

  • Results are always displayed, even if no model was able to be created