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This customer call log software helps a team track every incoming call from clients and customers to ensure that every request is resolved. If you're in need of a simple yet robust call log tracker, this application template may be the best solution for you. Perfect for call centers, customer service departments, or any office or company that deals with incoming calls, this call logging software will be an effective solution for increased productivity and collaboration among team members. But this customizable app goes beyond only being a call log tracker; managers can also pull reports on customers, problem types, and representatives. By clearly being able to see the most important information with custom drag-and-drop dashboards, a manager can find the metrics needed to make improvements while holding everyone accountable. As a cloud-based database, this call logging software can help to bring all of your information together in one place, manage that information, and let stakeholders take active steps to improve call processing as a whole. What You Can Do with This Business App Download and use QuickBase's simple phone call log software to do any of the following: View open and unresolved customer or client calls Assign and schedule responses to team members Record work performed and time spent responding to requests Notify coworkers of new requests by email Calling for Better Solutions with QuickBase This is one of QuickBase's customizable apps, meaning that you can tailor the Customer Call Log App to your exact specifications after downloading. As a template, this can also serve as a great grab-and-go solution, allowing you to implement your new phone call log software with very little development and no coding necessary. Sometimes, a busy IT team or group of programmers in your organization may be tempted to phone it in when creating a call-tracking app, but with this tool, you can have the exact software you need to create a collaborative environment among representatives. Download this tool and see how it can positively affect your call center now.


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By over 3 years ago

I am not a versed user but its quite easy to set up a basic table to collect any information you need. The template are also good but the really useful ones are somewhat complex to figure out and to me appears a bit difficult to manipulate at times. I really wish you guys could have colored icons for the tables and more too

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