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Supply Chain Apps

Inventory Management

Author: Jim Lieder | 1,920 Downloads

Inventory Management application allows fast entry of orders and automatically deducts the quantity ...

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Purchasing (P2P) and Expense Report System

Author: Firat Ozkan | 1,631 Downloads

"Purchasing (P2P) and Expense Report System" Introduction and Description: This application will en ...

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Essential Supply Chain Management

Author: Brandy Wesolowski | 1,361 Downloads

Manage your supply chain with this easy to customize customer order and vendor purchase order applic ...

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Order Manager With Inventory Tracking

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 1,196 Downloads

Create orders consisting of multiple products and/or services for your customers. Manage customer r ...

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Inventory Management

Author: Justin Lapier | 1,030 Downloads

This application allows you to keep track of product inventory, locations of inventory, adjustments, ...

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Supply Chain Requests

Author: bk2724   | 282 Downloads

This application is used to manage over 9000 SKUs for Intuit. Facilitate the request, review, approv ...

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Fleet Mgmt: Route, Vehicle, Delivery Tracking

Author: Eli Byrnes | 237 Downloads

Track your clients, client contacts, your drivers (roster), Fleet, Routes, breakage counts for daily ...

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Critical Path 1.0

Author: Jacob MacIntyre | 71 Downloads

Calculate the critical path of your project using task logic using a unique but simple set of relati ...

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Procurement Spend Analytics Tool

Author: Connor M. | 62 Downloads

Utilize to map and track your spend from third party vendors ...

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SAMPLE Order Manager

Author: Margo Ezekiel | 53 Downloads

This is a sample Quick Base app, where you can learn how to use Quick Base. This app lets you create ...

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ABC Solar App

Author: Alex Pederson | 48 Downloads

All in one Solar Management Solution. ...

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CRM: Oil & Gas Delivery, Testing, Equipment Track

Author: Eli Byrnes | 30 Downloads

This application is designed for crude oil industry. It tracks the following: Customers, Customer ...

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Inventory Manager Starter

Author: Quick Base | 27 Downloads

As a supply chain professional, your success is measured by your ability to efficiently deliver your ...

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Purchasing and Expense Starter

Author: Quick Base | 11 Downloads

This application will enable your company to purchase goods and services, and manage expense reports ...

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