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Software Apps

Simple Project Manager

Author: Quick Base | 27,059 Downloads

Track projects and tasks with this easy-to-use project management software, which is feature-filled ...

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Feature and Bug Tracker

Author: Quick Base | 1,001 Downloads

Everyone wants to track bugs their own way. But that doesnt mean you have to use a spreadsheet or de ...

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Author: Chris Baker | 578 Downloads

This application is a generic template that teams can use to develop software using Scrum. It has ev ...

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Simple Rep Commission Tracker

Author: Justin Lapier | 545 Downloads

Track your teams sales and commission with this easy-to-use Simple Rep Commission Tracker app from Q ...

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Essential IT Asset Management

Author: Kristin Godoy | 521 Downloads

Essentials Plan Ready - Log and maintain a database of all the Assets within the company. Track th ...

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Qu-Soft Contractor Premier - 30 Day Trial

Author: Eric Oler | 495 Downloads

For contractors that want to run their business efficiently this application can increase your produ ...

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Essential IT Ticket Help Desk

Author: Kristin Godoy | 475 Downloads

Essentials Plan Ready - Solve problems for internal employees and company contacts with this IT tick ...

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Mac Project Management 2014

Author: Scott MacLean | 216 Downloads

Project Management Software 2014 PMO PMI PGM PPM PMP PMBOK Easy to add in the PMI fields and functi ...

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Research & Usability Tracker Basic

Author: Gideon Ansell | 212 Downloads

You can effectively run a complete research department with this single app. Keep an ongoing list of ...

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DC Insight: The QuickBase Application Documenter

Author: Steve Wishengrad | 172 Downloads

DC Insight: The QuickBase Application Documenter Tool allows you to document the purpose and interre ...

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Essential IT Bug Tracker

Author: Kristin Godoy | 160 Downloads

Essentials Plan Ready - Track the bugs or issues that plague any workplace or IT environment. Crea ...

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Empower 2020: Advanced Formulas

Author: Eric Mohlman | 158 Downloads

Would you like to transform your data using native capabilities? Relying on years of customersâ dire ...

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Social Media Campaign Tracker

Author: Justin Lapier | 127 Downloads

A simple application that was created to track all social media campaigns, their impressions, and th ...

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Internal Question & Answer Message Board

Author: Justin Lapier | 126 Downloads

This application allows employees to post questions which other employees can answer, and posted rel ...

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All-Star Gravatar User Icons

Author: Sam Jones | 95 Downloads

Ever wanted to include user icons in your app? To help make the app more approachable or humanized? ...

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IT Management

Author: Michael Custer | 89 Downloads

One stop page to manage assets, mobile devices, and office backstock, and inventory. Track all hard ...

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Subscribed Services and Password Tracking

Author: Justin Lapier | 88 Downloads

This app was created to track any Subscription Services your company has, and also the log in inform ...

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Python and QB

Author: John Karas | 83 Downloads

By following the Virtual Empower 2020 session on "Python & QB", you'll be able to use this app a ...

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License Management

Author: lemon depass | 71 Downloads

This app is for anyone who needs to manage software license distribution to a team. Add new licenses ...

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QuickBase ROI Calculator

Author: David McCormick | 63 Downloads

Use this application to track every workflow you solve with QuickBase, by function and team. Capture ...

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Sprint Retrospective

Author: Claire Martinez | 55 Downloads

Keep track of team learnings from Scrum Sprint Retrospectives. Easily document what things went wel ...

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Error Log Issues

Author: Phillip J Baldwin | 39 Downloads

Easily manage and report on all of your issues and tasks in one location. ...

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QuickBase Feedback Excellence by VeilSun

Author: James Cosman | 38 Downloads

This application helps you capture, approve, plan, and manage feedback on multiple QuickBase applica ...

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Software Applications Repository

Author: Girish M.C. | 37 Downloads

Improve team collaboration and track revisions of work in progress, all in one central spot. Uploa ...

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QBO Migration

Author: Hugh Molotsi | 33 Downloads

App for migrating data from QBO ROW to QBO France ***NOTES FROM THE CURATOR*** An extensive yet eas ...

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Project BRM Extractor

Author: Thejasvi Aswathanarayana | 24 Downloads

About the BRM Customer Data Extractor: In BRM, time-based testing is an approach used to test BRM f ...

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Agile Health Survey

Author: Vijay Chinta | 23 Downloads

Health Survey for Agile Teams ***NOTES FROM THE CURATOR*** This is an easy to use, one table solut ...

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Product Research and Review Application

Author: Justin Lapier | 21 Downloads

When your company is looking at different new solutions it can get cumbersome keeping track of that ...

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Media Publisher Project Management

Author: Brandy Wesolowski | 18 Downloads

Keep track of all of your products, projects and tasks with real-time data and internal messaging, w ...

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Control de inventario sistemas

Author: Alejandro Maltos | 15 Downloads

The Asset Tracker provides your business with a central place to organize assets, including tracking ...

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Simple Customer Inquiries

Author: Justin Lapier | 13 Downloads

This application allows you to track your customers, their inquiries, and then assign those to indiv ...

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New App Proposal

Author: Alec Sprague | 12 Downloads

Use this app to allow people at your company to propose/suggest new QuickBase apps. The app allows y ...

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New England FCU | PhoenixXM | Issues Log

Author: Danny Lee | 6 Downloads

***Notes from the Curator*** This is a customized version of the popular IT Ticket Help Desk applic ...

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EIAM SSO On Boarding Application

Author: Amit Shastri | 4 Downloads

This App is for registering requests for on boarding your application to EIAM SSO. ...

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Dev Change Management and Track

Author: Jason Manley | 3 Downloads

Track build between multiple team members and get and stages of release ...

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