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Real Estate Apps

Work Order Management

Author: Chris Baker | 1,172 Downloads

This application is meant to help property management companies properties keep track of leases and ...

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ABC Rental Property Manager

Author: Kirk Trachy | 804 Downloads

ABC Property Manager tracks: > Owners > Units > Leases > Monthly Reports > Transacti ...

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Residential Property Management

Author: Chris Baker | 796 Downloads

This application is meant to help landlords of residential properties keep track of leases and work ...

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Lease Management

Author: Quick Base | 670 Downloads

This application is meant to help property managers of commercial properties track of leases and pip ...

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Architect Construction Administration

Author: Chris Baker | 477 Downloads

Manages Construction Change Directives, Architects Supplemental Instructions, Change Orders, Proposa ...

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Property Management

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 432 Downloads

Maintain a detailed list of property locations both commercial and residential. Keep track of past a ...

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Location Inventory Tracker

Author: Phil Powis | 386 Downloads

This app manages the inventory of equipment installed at various retail locations or centers across ...

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Essentials Property Management

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 370 Downloads

Maintain a detailed list of property locations both commercial and residential. Keep track of past a ...

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Essential Home Inventory Application

Author: Kristie McGhee | 297 Downloads

Keep track of your residence and any additional homes & rooms. Keep an itemized list of all the ...

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Title Company Marketing Contact Manager

Author: AJ Campani | 276 Downloads

***Note from the Curator*** This application is a version of Simple Contact Manager with very subtl ...

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ABC Construction Daily Reports

Author: Kirk Trachy | 171 Downloads

This app tracks daily construction reports for contractors like, concrete, steel, landscaping, elect ...

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Family Office Investments Database

Author: Greg Robin | 132 Downloads

This application is designed to help family office entities manage clients, investments and investme ...

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Extended Property Management

Author: Matt S. | 124 Downloads

SFR Rehab Management ***NOTES FROM THE CURATOR*** This is an extensive solution to tracking propert ...

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Project Mgmt: Property Rehab - Resale - Rental

Author: Eli Byrnes | 112 Downloads

This application allows you to track the purchase of properties for resale, rentals and rehab projec ...

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House Inventory

Author: Claire Martinez | 106 Downloads

This App lets you be able to come up with a complete list of your property, show proof that you actu ...

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Tenant Leads

Author: Phil Powis | 96 Downloads

Simple app for managing tenant leads ...

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Construction Loan Mgmt

Author: Eli Byrnes | 89 Downloads

This application allows you to track Construction Loans, Loan Fees, Builders, Scheduled Draw, Projec ...

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Property Management and Prospect Tracking

Author: Eli Byrnes | 74 Downloads

Track your Properties, Property Suites, Prospects, Propspect Tours, Proposals, Brokers, Employees. T ...

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Lease Tracking Module

Author: Mike Vaughn | 68 Downloads

The lease tracking module is a record of every lease received in the Verifications and Installations ...

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Real Asset Acquisition Portal

Author: Chip Towner | 68 Downloads

Gain visibility and detailed reporting on real estate assets opportunities and sales pipelines with ...

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Property Flip App

Author: Eli Byrnes | 58 Downloads

Track Properties, Owners, Current Assessed Value, Amounts Owed, Purchase, Listings, Agents and more! ...

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Mortgage Calculator

Author: Justin Lapier | 54 Downloads

Calculate mortgages for clients that will be saved for future reference, and reporting. ...

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Relocation Simplification

Author: Scott MacLean | 42 Downloads

Move anywhere in the world stress free with this app, made by a QuickBase employee who relocated wit ...

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Lease Management & Escalation Tracker

Author: Kristie McGhee | 42 Downloads

Track your Properties & Units, the lease associated. Track payments made by Tenants and Escalati ...

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Deal Room for Home Buyers

Author: Phil Powis | 36 Downloads

Use this QuickBase app to manage your home buying process starting with submitting an offer, and all ...

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Property Manager

Author: Brian Cafferelli | 32 Downloads

Simple property management application, great for mobile workers. ...

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Appraisal Orders & Reports: CRM

Author: Eli Byrnes | 23 Downloads

Track Appraisal Orders, Appraisal Schedule, Properties, Associated Lenders and Agents, Appraisal Rep ...

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Land Deeds

Author: Phil Powis | 19 Downloads

Simple app for tracking land deeds. ...

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Cemetery Lot Tracking

Author: Elise Orr | 11 Downloads

This application is based on the request of a customer that needed to track the lots and numbers rel ...

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Parking Lot Manager

Author: Kristin Godoy | 2 Downloads

Does your office / campus have multiple parking lots? Use this app to keep track of pavement conditi ...

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