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Personal Apps

Simple To-Do List

Author: Eric J. Hansen | 670 Downloads

See What To Do. Get Stuff Done. ...

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Weight Loss Tracker v1.0

Author: Eric Hansen | 479 Downloads

This is a weight loss tracker in the vein of a popular reality television show. While this applicati ...

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Personal Finance Tracker

Author: Brooke Eder | 476 Downloads

This app allows you to track your monthly expenses, income and payments toward outstanding expense b ...

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Photo Gallery

Author: Chris Baker | 463 Downloads

Share your photographs with friends and family! ...

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New Hire On-boarding

Author: Cameron Munger | 358 Downloads

Leverage the copy master detail button to track template on-boarding steps for all new hires! ...

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Personal Goal Manager

Author: Rory Wingham | 351 Downloads

The personal goal manager makes it easy to set, manage, and achieve your goals. It supports the S.M. ...

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Weekly Timesheet

Author: Dawn Schon | 332 Downloads

Track your hours by day, including: Hours worked Time taken for lunch Time away for appointments ...

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Essential Home Inventory Application

Author: Kristie McGhee | 304 Downloads

Keep track of your residence and any additional homes & rooms. Keep an itemized list of all the ...

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Color Palette

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 268 Downloads

This is a visual listing of colors that can be used in formulas on reports or in formula fields. ...

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Food and Weight Log

Author: Phil Gross | 247 Downloads

This is a straight forward application to track calorie in take and vitals. ...

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Appointment Tracker

Author: Sybil Shearin | 245 Downloads

Use this app to schedule appointments with students, track student and course data, enter expenses, ...

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BlogShare 1.1

Author: Quick Base | 192 Downloads

Easy internal blogging application. Content fields accept basic HTML and file extention field auto ...

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Movie Reviews

Author: Kathleen Lamphier | 166 Downloads

Use this database to rate your favorite movies...or your least favorite...or any movie you want to c ...

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Essentials - A Personal Expense Tracker

Author: Cullen Coates | 150 Downloads

This app enables a user to maintain financial accounts such as checking, savings, charge accounts or ...

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Loans, Payments and Amortization

Author: Avinash Sikenpore | 136 Downloads

This app can be used for lending and tracking payments to compute current balance, accrued interest, ...

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Online Library

Author: Donna Dowdney | 128 Downloads

Library that tracks check-outs, titles, reviews. ...

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External Feedback

Author: Sybil Shearin | 116 Downloads

This app that lets you collect feedback from people who are not already QuickBase users. Roles and p ...

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Biggest Loser

Author: Kristina Rickert | 111 Downloads

13-Week Weight-Loss Competition for Office Workers - Originally designed to be managed by one QuickB ...

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House Inventory

Author: Claire Martinez | 109 Downloads

This App lets you be able to come up with a complete list of your property, show proof that you actu ...

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Project Wedding

Author: Rory Wingham | 106 Downloads

What it Does This wedding planning application makes it simple to plan, track, budget, and manage y ...

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Wine Cellar Tracker

Author: Karen Dalhuisen | 106 Downloads

This is a "fun" application (super simple) for tracking wine in your cellar by location, vintage, # ...

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All-Star Gravatar User Icons

Author: Sam Jones | 95 Downloads

Ever wanted to include user icons in your app? To help make the app more approachable or humanized? ...

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Personal Budgets

Author: Eric Diaz | 87 Downloads

Track and manage your personal budgets using this simple app. It has mobile friendly buttons and rep ...

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S.M.A.R.T. Goal

Author: Phil Powis | 69 Downloads

This application is designed to both inform on the S.M.A.R.T. goal process, as well as serve as a re ...

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Author: CLIVE SANG | 67 Downloads

IUOM Membership Application containing tables to track members, their lodges, and the unit associate ...

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Training Tracker

Author: Erica Rodrigues | 67 Downloads

Are you serious about exercise? Are you training for a mud run or wondering why your body isn't ripp ...

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Wine Tracker

Author: Don Zatyko | 64 Downloads

What kind of wine do you like? ...

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Wardrobe Insights

Author: Lisa Davidson | 60 Downloads

Do you have too many clothes? Does it take you forever to get ready? It's time to develop a strategy ...

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Get Wed!

Author: Erica Rodrigues | 58 Downloads

Your one stop shop for wedding planning. This app helps track vendors, guest list, RSVPs, payments, ...

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Relocation Simplification

Author: Scott MacLean | 45 Downloads

Move anywhere in the world stress free with this app, made by a QuickBase employee who relocated wit ...

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I3 Event Ideas

Author: Keith Dugas | 45 Downloads

This app is mean to help a group brainstorm and select an event. the Events could be the location fo ...

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Deal Room for Home Buyers

Author: Phil Powis | 42 Downloads

Use this QuickBase app to manage your home buying process starting with submitting an offer, and all ...

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Prescription Minder

Author: Gideon Ansell | 38 Downloads

This app keeps you up to date on all your family's prescriptions. It also keeps doctors and pharmacy ...

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What's for Lunch?

Author: Erich Schaffer | 36 Downloads

Everybody has their special lunch spot. "What's for Lunch?" will help you share and decide how to sp ...

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Wardrobe Manager

Author: Lawrence Wiggins | 33 Downloads

You can use the Wardrobe Manager to store, track and organize clothing items that you find online or ...

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Blood Glucose Management

Author: Blake Harrison | 30 Downloads

A simple application intended to help Doctor's Offices with a common problem - how to get Diabetes p ...

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Lunch, Poker, and SOCOM Manager

Author: Kenneth Barnes | 25 Downloads

This is a fun one I created for my group of friends. We use it for organizing lunch, poker, and SOCO ...

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P-Card Request Management App

Author: Cameron Munger | 25 Downloads

Do you manage multiple employee's requests for P-Card purchases? Manage this request approval proces ...

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Household Inventory

Author: Sally Coates | 22 Downloads

This app allows one to inventory by room and category all major possessions. An added bonus is that ...

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Fitness Tracking

Author: Eric Diaz | 20 Downloads

Track your fitness training with friends or co-workers. Use automated tutorials for instructions and ...

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EMD Fitness Program

Author: Eric Diaz | 19 Downloads

Track and create fitness routines by day, week, or month. Use forums to share knowledge with friends ...

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Personal Trainer Appointments

Author: Sally Coates | 19 Downloads

This app is for managing the training classes in a gym or studio. It shows members, the classes avai ...

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ABC Errand List

Author: Duane Gabor | 17 Downloads

This simple but effective app enables you to track needed purchases and errands on your mobile devic ...

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Essentials - Personal Trainer Appointments

Author: Cullen Coates | 16 Downloads

This app enables a personal trainer to maintain their own appointments and or maintain appointments ...

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Girl Scout Cookie Order Tracking

Author: Scott Williamson | 15 Downloads

A simple app to help organize Girl Scout Cookie orders. ...

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Cemetery Lot Tracking

Author: Elise Orr | 12 Downloads

This application is based on the request of a customer that needed to track the lots and numbers rel ...

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Ping Pong Ladder

Author: Adam Hoover | 11 Downloads

In honor of the office move to Cambridge, I bring you an app to track your Ping Pong Ladder! This is ...

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Kids Event & Art Tracker

Author: Brandy Wesolowski | 10 Downloads

Use this application to store all of those wonderful works of art and report cards that you don't wa ...

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2007 Academy Awards Voting

Author: Bill Hollis | 10 Downloads

Record your picks for the 2007 Oscars here! ...

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Fitness Ladders App

Author: Sybil Shearin | 10 Downloads

This exercise program is organized around a fitness ladder with 48 rungs. Each rung prescribes a giv ...

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Race Tracking

Author: Keith Dugas | 9 Downloads

We have a number of people at our office interested in races. I developed this app to centralize the ...

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Author: Prashanth C.H | 4 Downloads

EarthDay drawing contest ***Note from Curator*** This application appears to be a simple sign up f ...

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Coffee Connoisseur

Author: Phil Powis | 4 Downloads

Review and Rate Coffee ...

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IWN Edmonton Book Club

Author: Alyssa Dubue | 3 Downloads

Welcome to the Edmonton-site Intuit Women's Network book club QuickBase! ...

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SES Swag - need your size

Author: YOLANDA CISNEROS | 2 Downloads

Please enter your size in the quickbase below so we can ensure you receive the size you requested. ...

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Essential Household Inventory

Author: Cullen Coates | Downloads

This app room-by-room inventory and categorization all major possessions. An added bonus is that you ...

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Intuit PRIDE San Diego

Author: Brennan Hartich | Downloads

This is for all San Diego members who are interested in the PRIDE group. ***NOTES FROM THE CURATOR ...

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