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Marketing Apps

Contact Manager

Author: Phil Gross | 1,276 Downloads

Access your contact database from anywhere. Easily import/export data from Microsoft Outlook. ...

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Marketing All-In-One

Author: Quick Base | 1,180 Downloads

Includes Marketing Programs, Customer References, Collateral and Press Releases all in one easy-to-s ...

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Event Attendee Manager

Author: Quick Base | 831 Downloads

Database for tracking Attendee information requests and registrations for an Event. This database h ...

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Author: Elizabeth McCann | 671 Downloads

App for managing marketing communications materials, i.e. branding guidelines, logos, images, banner ...

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ABC MarCom Request Workflow

Author: Kirk Trachy | 568 Downloads

This application keeps track of marketing "Campaigns", "Projects" and their "Creative Items". Who ha ...

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Conference Registration

Author: Richard Cook | 410 Downloads

This application can manage the registration for a conference you're hosting. ...

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Marketing PO and Invoice Tracker

Author: Kathleen Lamphier | 378 Downloads

This application is used by the QuickBase team to track POs and Invoices for our marketing programs. ...

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Strategic Management Portal by VeilSun

Author: James Cosman | 367 Downloads

Strategic Management Portal by VeilSun, Inc. allows an organization to manage its executive goals al ...

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Web Content Production Manager

Author: Quick Base | 358 Downloads

Schedule, plan and manage web content from concept through to production. Faciliate team review proc ...

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Product Marketing Management

Author: Trey Donaldson | 309 Downloads

In this QuickBase, you can manage products including their marketing events and contacts is the rele ...

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Author: Fred Bremner | 298 Downloads

It is used to manage marketing deliverables including for packaging, direct marketing emails and mai ...

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Press Releases

Author: Quick Base | 293 Downloads

End the e-mail nightmare! QuickBase gives everyone a central place to view and comment on the latest ...

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Email Marketing Contact List Manager

Author: Justin Lapier | 293 Downloads

This application was designed to keep track of Names, Email Addresses, and group them by different M ...

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Title Company Marketing Contact Manager

Author: AJ Campani | 276 Downloads

***Note from the Curator*** This application is a version of Simple Contact Manager with very subtl ...

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Marketing Programs Management

Author: Tom Grubb | 206 Downloads

Manage all of your marketing programs in one place where you can share and see your marketing plans ...

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Kaos Softwear Contact Manager

Author: Clayton Nesslein | 202 Downloads

***Notes from the Curator*** This is a customized version of the popular "Simple Contact Manager" A ...

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Customer Research: Interview Notes

Author: Elizabeth McCann | 184 Downloads

Detailed notes from phone calls with paying customers. Interviews conducted in certain period. ...

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Product Information Center

Author: Karen Meier | 171 Downloads

This application can be the central repository for product collateral and information. It contains t ...

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Customer References

Author: Quick Base | 163 Downloads

Your team will always know which are the best customers for case studies, interviews with the press ...

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Webinar Follow-up Survey

Author: Elizabeth McCann | 159 Downloads

An application for soliciting, sending, and managing follow-up surveys sent to participants of an on ...

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Sales Force Automation System

Author: Sara Rydberg | 144 Downloads

Here is our new easy to use and comprehensive Sales Force Automation application. This application i ...

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SKU Matrix

Author: Susan Rettaler | 134 Downloads

Tracks multiple fields for direct sales SKUs and retail SKUs. There is a detailed access matrix setu ...

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Marcom Competitive Analysis

Author: Kathleen Lamphier | 124 Downloads

Reviews competitors branding, tag lines, benefit messaging, positioning, advertising. ...

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Social Media Campaign Tracker

Author: Justin Lapier | 124 Downloads

A simple application that was created to track all social media campaigns, their impressions, and th ...

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Marketing Cheat Sheets

Author: Peter Fearey (intuit) | 120 Downloads

This application is used by the QuickBase Team to centralize the tools that the sales and marketing ...

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Event Conference Manager

Author: Jennifer Rice | 118 Downloads

Quickly access the information you need to optimize your involvement in industry events and conferen ...

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Sample Event Location Evaluation

Author: Quick Base | 115 Downloads

This is a comprehensive, meeting or conference site evaluation tool that focuses on general site ben ...

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PortfolioMinder Lead Generation

Author: Mike Wolff | 107 Downloads

This database stores lead generation information submitted through Portfoliominder marketing web sit ...

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Marketing Program Tracking

Author: Kathleen Lamphier | 103 Downloads

This application is used by the QuickBase team to track marketing campaigns. It includes fields to t ...

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Workforce management system

Author: R Adam Mullins | 97 Downloads

Specialized app for a advertisement and marketing firm. Include an agile PM environment as well as a ...

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Competitor Analysis

Author: Marilyne Vallières | 86 Downloads

This is a simple application to track analysis of your competitors. It is used by the QuickBase team ...

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Knowledge (KM) & Feedback System

Author: Greg Robin | 86 Downloads

This application was developed to help a marketing department in a Fortune 500 company deploy a "kno ...

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Commercial Property Management - Linqq Version

Author: Eric Oler | 83 Downloads

While this app is fully functional and can be used as a stand-alone solution, it is also designed to ...

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Webinar Tracker

Author: Elizabeth McCann | 71 Downloads

This app is used by the QuickBase Team to manage all Webinar registrants, descriptions, sessions, at ...

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US Zip Codes

Author: Kristie McGhee | 71 Downloads

Easily keep track of all the United States Zip Codes ...

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Marketing Launch Central

Author: Nade Murray | 69 Downloads

This application is a derivation of the manage multiple projects targeted towards marketing projects ...

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Editorial Calendar

Author: Michelle Rau | 68 Downloads

A QuickBase that tracks featured articles, readership, categories and other data to help editors pla ...

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Manage Partner Info

Author: Laine Mulyk | 67 Downloads

Manage all of your online partners throughout the year including who you signed up, their contract t ...

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QuickBase ROI Calculator v.2

Author: David McCormick | 64 Downloads

Use this application to track every workflow you solve with QuickBase, by function and team. Capture ...

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Marketing Campaigns

Author: Keith Dugas | 62 Downloads

This app is meant to improve collaboration between Marketing and Sales. Marketing and Sales can prop ...

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Governance Management - Exch Ver 2.1

Author: Crystal Bay Solutions | 59 Downloads

This application enables tracking of stages in program/project governance dispositions processes, ma ...

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Marketing Manager

Author: Noah M. | 59 Downloads

***Notes from the Curator*** This application is a modified version of the popular "Marketing All-I ...

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Customer Phone Interview Log

Author: Lisa Rogers | 56 Downloads

This is a Quickbase we used to record the results of telephone interviews with customers. It's been ...

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Conference Attendance & Sharing

Author: Nade Murray | 54 Downloads

This app is used to show which conferences are being attended and when the debriefs are being shared ...

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Author: Intuit | 52 Downloads

Manage the Public Relations process, including campaigns, initiatives, media opportunities, media li ...

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Event Management

Author: Eli Byrnes | 50 Downloads

Event Management, Surveys, Registration Costs, Registration Attendees, etc ***Note from Curator*** ...

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Event Management Attendee Check In

Author: Helen Brosnan | 49 Downloads

Event Check In Tool ...

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Business Directory

Author: Phil Powis | 45 Downloads

Display a directory of all the businesses. Users can view business details and filter by category. ...

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Creative Services Requests and Project Management

Author: Eric Roybal | 37 Downloads

Fully comprehensive planning and project management tool that allows ideation with marketing, planni ...

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Ad Space Inventory Tracker

Author: Eli Byrnes | 37 Downloads

Tracks customers, property locations, Inventory/Ad Space, Booked Advertisements, the Supplers and Br ...

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The SaaS Metrics Series: Visitors and Signups

Author: Phil Powis | 31 Downloads

One of the Key Metrics that any SaaS business needs to track is Visitors, Signups, and Visitor-To-Si ...

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Customer Contact Preferences

Author: Chris Baker | 31 Downloads

This database contains the list of customers who have opted out from being contacted for marketing p ...

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Ad Sales and Publishing

Author: Eli Byrnes | 30 Downloads

This is an end to end application to track advertisers / leads, ad sales, writer article submissions ...

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In-House Marketing Project App

Author: David R. | 30 Downloads

A simple project management app geared towards teams producing in-house marketing projects. ...

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Political Grassroots Manager

Author: Eli Byrnes | 28 Downloads

This application manages the membership information for your political party. Regions, Contributions ...

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TOF Documents

Author: Richard C. Green | 18 Downloads

Improve team collaboration and track revisions of work in progress, all in one central spot. Upload, ...

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ABC Conference Meeting Manager

Author: Kirk Trachy | 16 Downloads

This app helps track your team and meeting room availability at conferences. You enter your team and ...

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Restaurant Log

Author: kim amundson | 16 Downloads

This is a summary of the local restaurants with notes regarding private space, reviews, etc. Everyon ...

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Tweet Tracker

Author: Matt S. | 15 Downloads

Demo project to track tweets that contain specific hashtags ...

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Operations Master

Author: Stefan D Thresh | 13 Downloads

Gain visibility and detailed reporting on sales opportunities and sales pipelines with this very rob ...

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Managing Pilot Customers and Payment Transactions

Author: Hung T Phan | 13 Downloads

This application allows users to manage a set of customers from sign ups from an A/B/C test, and pay ...

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Sales Campaigns

Author: Jim Lieder | 13 Downloads

Records Sales Activities related to Sales Campaigns. Records customer commitments towards campaigns. ...

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PPC Marketing Asset Approval Requests

Author: Colby Roane | 12 Downloads

This application keeps track of marketing "Campaigns", "Projects" and their "Creative Items". Who ha ...

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Scout & Molly's Ad Request Forms

Author: Tara Kelly | 11 Downloads

Scout & Molly's Ad Request Forms ***Notes From The Curator*** This application was submitted b ...

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Naming Contest Manager

Author: Sharon Faust | 10 Downloads

An app for creating and tracking contests used to come up with a "name" for something (domain, produ ...

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Product Demo Tracking

Author: Colin Long | 9 Downloads

This app was designed to track a demo program for a food company. Demos are conducted in stores acro ...

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Media Call Tracker

Author: ADAM SNYDER | 6 Downloads

Use this app to track media inquires. ...

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Intuit Mobile Marketing Partners

Author: Thomas E Klingebiel | 2 Downloads

A simple application that was created to track all mobile marketing partners. ***NOTE FROM CURATOR* ...

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