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Examples Apps

API Boot Camp

Author: Sean Padian | 742 Downloads

This application contains all the features and functionality of ABC Project Manager 3, and is used a ...

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ABC Invoice and Inventory Manager

Author: Kirk Trachy | 734 Downloads

This application creates invoices with many line items where some of the items are individual parts ...

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End of M1-C8: Adding Data and Reporting

Author: Benjamin Buday | 694 Downloads

Empower Pre-Conference Training - Sample Application ...

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Training Companion - Property Management

Author: Benjamin Buday | 463 Downloads

This app is a companion for many training webinars and sessions, primarily those focused on relation ...

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ABC Customer Updates Their Own Records

Author: Kirk Trachy | 330 Downloads

In this app you can email a customer and they update their own contact information. This app uses a ...

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ABC Contact Manager

Author: Kirk Trachy | 330 Downloads

Simple single table contacts database. Can be used by itself or used to build onto. Track contacts, ...

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ABC Project Manager Template Edition

Author: Kirk Trachy | 324 Downloads

POPULAR project manager app WITH TEMPLATES! Like ABC Project Manager 3 but we've added a separate Te ...

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ABC QRCode Example

Author: Kirk Trachy | 318 Downloads

ABC QRCode Example shows how you can dynamically create QRCodes with data from your QuickBase. Examp ...

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Rich Text Button Tool Box (Empower 2019)

Author: Jordan Umbel | 285 Downloads

Have you ever wanted to build rich text buttons like a boss. Well this may be the app for you unless ...

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EMPOWER2019: Advanced Formulas

Author: Eric Mohlman | 279 Downloads

If you utilize simple formulas, recognize their power, and want to take your formula skills to the n ...

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Training Companion - Help Desk

Author: Benjamin Buday | 249 Downloads

This app is a companion for many training webinars and sessions. Typically, you'll find this app if ...

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ABC Webhooks Mirroring Tables

Author: Kirk Trachy | 249 Downloads

This example app uses webhooks to create a mirrored table that adds, edits and deletes records. Ther ...

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Basic Project Management

Author: Sean Padian | 235 Downloads

Webhooks for Audit Logging ...

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Many-to-Many Starting Point

Author: Alice Hinshaw | 210 Downloads

Learn how to create a Many-to-Many Relationship with this instructional app! Join table not incl ...

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Slack Webhook Demo

Author: Sean Padian | 209 Downloads

This app sends a webhook message to a slack channel. It is intended to be used with the slack channe ...

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ABC Consolidated Reporting Example

Author: Kirk Trachy | 182 Downloads

This application shows how you can automate your QuickBase APIs with Google Scripts. This example ap ...

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EMPOWER 2018: Intro to Formulas

Author: Eric Mohlman | 144 Downloads

Used in conjunction with the Basic Formulas slide deck from Empower 2018. ...

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Training - Normalization

Author: Benjamin Buday | 144 Downloads

This app is designed for Intermediate Training. ...

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Joe Java Store Manager

Author: Adam Hoover | 143 Downloads

This is an app to help the Joe Java team request, schedule, and conduct inspections of all their dif ...

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Advanced Training

Author: Eric Mohlman | 143 Downloads

First delivered on-site; now available to anyone looking for useful advanced formulas, Quick Base Ac ...

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Statistics Table Training App

Author: Alice Hinshaw | 135 Downloads

Statistics table demonstration app without relationships and summary fields. Meant to be used as a b ...

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ABC Hotel Projects Milestones

Author: Kirk Trachy | 131 Downloads

This applications permits the manager to email to non-QuickBase team members with emails that contai ...

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ABC Tracking In/Out Time

Author: Kirk Trachy | 119 Downloads

ABC Tracking In/Out Time is a project manager application that allows task owners to clock in and cl ...

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Conditional Training

Author: Adrian Lloyd | 119 Downloads

Application set up to train on how to set up a conditional drop down. ...

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All-Star Gravatar User Icons

Author: Sam Jones | 95 Downloads

Ever wanted to include user icons in your app? To help make the app more approachable or humanized? ...

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Data Collaborative Empower 2016 Demo

Author: Steve Wishengrad | 70 Downloads

Sample QuickBase application from Data Collaborative's Empower 2016 presentation "Integrating QuickB ...

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ABC Accumulated Monthly Sales

Author: Kirk Trachy | 60 Downloads

This application shows how one might track monthly sales and how those sales can accumulate to show ...

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Builder Governance Administration

Author: Bree Mackey | 55 Downloads

This application will help you track your Applications, Builders, Enhancement Requests, Builder Trai ...

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Import/Report Link FIOF Training

Author: Adrian Lloyd | 55 Downloads

Importing and Report link training for FIOF ...

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Joe Java New Store Setup

Author: Brian Cafferelli | 52 Downloads

This app is designed to be used by attendees of the Building Powerful Workflows workshop, part of th ...

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SAMPLE Order Manager

Author: Margo Ezekiel | 51 Downloads

This is a sample Quick Base app, where you can learn how to use Quick Base. This app lets you create ...

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Nile Books - Project Manager

Author: Brian Cafferelli | 48 Downloads

This is the app used in the automations workshop for the 2019 Quick Base Community Summit. ...

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* ABC Employee Skills Assessment with Buttons

Author: Kirk Trachy | 45 Downloads

Simple Employee database. Showcasing buttons that update the skill level without having to edit a re ...

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ABC Missing Time Cards

Author: Kirk Trachy | 44 Downloads

Say you have employee contacts and they are supposed to submit time cards of their activities each w ...

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Feature Release Management App

Author: Rob Spence | 43 Downloads

A sample Agile Feature Release Management Application ...

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ABC Simple Sales Tracker

Author: Kirk Trachy | 40 Downloads

ABC Simple Sales Tracker is a simple but powerful contact tracker that tracks contacts, activities, ...

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Hosted Video Module

Author: Lawrence Wiggins | 39 Downloads

An application that allows you to store links from hosted video sources like YouTube and Vimeo. This ...

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ABC Combining SYNC and Webhooks

Author: Kirk Trachy | 38 Downloads

This app takes Salesforce data into SYNC and then uses Webhooks to move the data into a local table. ...

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On-Call App

Author: Puneeth Kumar Padmanabha | 35 Downloads

This is an on call app that displays the US SDT people on call list. ***NOTES FROM THE CURATOR*** A ...

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React Native Craft Demo

Author: Robert G. | 34 Downloads

Template for the react-native craft demo ...

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Adv. Training - Reverse Lookup

Author: Benjamin Buday | 32 Downloads

This app is intended for Advanced Training only and may not be relevant for users looking for app-bu ...

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ABC Tracking Content Changes with Colored Text

Author: Kirk Trachy | 29 Downloads

This is an example of how one might use a child table and a Rich Text Field to colorize and track te ...

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SAMPLE Project Manager

Author: Margo Ezekiel | 24 Downloads

This is a sample app to introduce you to Quick Base. It has instructions for learning Quick Base and ...

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SAMPLE Sales Manager

Author: Margo Ezekiel | 15 Downloads

This is a sample Quick Base app that can help you learn Quick Base. This app lets you gain visibilit ...

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Empower 2019 - User Group Manager

Author: Chaz Logue | 15 Downloads

Are you looking to start your own User Group that meets regularly? Be it Quick Base related or not - ...

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Your Company Bonus Tracker

Author: Eric Oler | 9 Downloads

Use this handy application to distribute a lump sum bonus to your employees by splitting it up using ...

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Adv. Training - Cross-App Relationships (Sales)

Author: Benjamin Buday | 9 Downloads

This app is intended for Advanced Training only and may not be relevant for users looking for genera ...

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Dunder Mifflin Sales

Author: Joseph Yung | 8 Downloads

This app was used for the Report Links and Report Formulas segment in the April 2020 Community Summi ...

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Adv. Training - Cross-App Relationships (Support)

Author: Benjamin Buday | 8 Downloads

This app is intended for Advanced Training only and may not be relevant for users looking for genera ...

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ABC Prevent Executable File File Attachments .exe

Author: Kirk Trachy | 8 Downloads

You can protect your app from uploading executable file types if you wish. This is an example of how ...

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Phil - Test Deployment 2

Author: Phil Powis | 5 Downloads

test ...

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Author: Lawrence Wiggins | 4 Downloads

Sometimes you just need something simple to expand on. This app has just one table for contacts. ...

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Battery Program

Author: Phil Powis | 3 Downloads

Battery Order Test ...

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