Building Better Relationships: Part 3

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Ready to master relationships once and for all? Attend this final installment of the QuickBase live webinar series, Building Better Relationships, and discover the tips and tricks necessary for creating awesome apps. This webinar's focus will be on "many-to-many relationships." Join me on October 21st and learn advanced topics such as: - Recognizing when to use many-to-many relationships - Building a many-to-many relationship - Understanding reverse relationships Visit This Link To Get the Webinar Recording and Follow Along!


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clarified a lot

By over 3 years ago

As a company that has MANY, many to many relationships, I really appreciated the webinar and accompanying application to practice with. It was very helpful.

great exercise

By over 3 years ago

After watching the recorded webinar, it's very easy to use the app, modify it, and apply the concepts in my own apps

Building Better Relationships: Part 3

By over 3 years ago

Too much time off topic: 1. Review. We can go back to the previous modules easily enough. 2. Cleaning up various reports & forms. Send them to other webinars or skip over cleaning up every single column title/field. This is not what I came to this webinar for. 3. How many times do we need to hear how you won't leave much Q&A time? You would have a good bit more Q&A time if you cut talking about it out. 4. Display the information you plan on covering and not spend so much time reading the bullet points. Windows can speak the points if one needs them read aloud. 5. Not a lot of actual information in the webinar once you deduct the above issues. You could probably cover more information and/or combine them all into one webinar.

Building Better Relationships - Part 3

By over 3 years ago

Very useful and was easy to follow. Examples were extremely helpful.

Great intermediate user webinar

By over 3 years ago

I rate myself intermediate, (I can use formulas and exact forms, but don't know python, java etc.) and this webinar was a good knowledge boost. Reverse relationships were something I have been considering but wasn't sure how to implement without turning it into an unintentional many-to-many.

Very Helpful and Informative

By over 3 years ago

I immediately made changes to my application based on the info I got from this webinar. I was able to follow along, making changes to the practice app with the presenter to learn the concepts. He gave complex, yet extremely clear examples to follow which I appreciated. I hate watching an example that is so over-simplified that I cannot see how it would apply to my more-complex needs.

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Benjamin Buday

Benjamin is a Sales Engineer with Intuit Quick Base. When he's not building proof of concept apps for to help customers find the right way to start a new app, he's working on improving Quick Base's knowledge bank by coming up with webinars, presentations and app ideas to share with Quick Base users both new and experienced.