Building Better Relationships: Part 2

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Looking to elevate your business apps to the next level? Take the next step toward building excellent apps in QuickBase by attending part 2 of the Building Better Relationships webinar series.

In this September 16th live webinar, we'll cover topics to help you build the right relationships for your app, including:

- "Lineage" - the concept of leveraging existing relationships to avoid building unnecessary ones
- The benefits of using Summary fields, Lookup fields and Report Links

Visit This Link To Get the Webinar Recording and Follow Along!


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Video wouldn't play

By over 3 years ago

Each time I tried to view the recording of this webinar I was taken to a link for Wystia

Building Better Relationships: Part 2

By over 3 years ago

Was easy to follow. when things went a bit fast for me, I was able to stop and back it up to see what I missed which I prefer than taking the class real time

Relationships 102

By over 3 years ago

Benjamin is an excellent instructor. Having conducted remote training sessions in previous roles, I understand the challenges associated with doing so. Benjamin is able to convey energy and present the subject matter in a clear understandable manner. Five Stars!

Building better relationships

By over 3 years ago

Well presented and new ideas clearly outlined throughout.

Excellent insight for relationships!

By over 3 years ago

This is a very good app -along with the webinar- that gives very good examples for building relationships and helps you understand the structure of a relationship.

Still learning after over 10 years!

By over 3 years ago

I have been using QuickBase for over 10 years and I still continue to learn. I thought I knew most of what there was to know about QuickBase relationships but the webinar still brought me some great tips! Thanks!

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Benjamin Buday

Benjamin is a Sales Engineer with Intuit QuickBase. When he's not building proof of concept apps for to help customers find the right way to start a new app, he's working on improving QuickBase's knowledge bank by coming up with webinars, presentations and app ideas to share with QuickBase users both new and experienced.