ABC Daily Time Cards

Author: Kirk Trachy
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This application tracks time cards and accounts for employees who have to "Punch-In" and "Punch-Out" multiple times per day. Press a button it creates an event. Now press the button to "Punch-In" and press again to "Punch-Out". The time is tracked by person by day for multiple in/out events. See Video:


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Next Project

By over 3 years ago

Great starting point for my next project - seems to cover what I need.

Great feature

By over 3 years ago

Only think is that it wont set Time Zone correctly. Need EST, not PDT.

By over 3 years ago

The clicking of the time in and time out button is tedious and time consuming. I would have rather liked an option to physically add hours to specific tasks. I would have also liked an option for reoccurring weeks rather than having to add a new time card each week