Reduce Supplier Risk with Greater Visibility into Your Data

Does your existing technology support evolving workflows and unanticipated change? Supply chain disruption is more prevalent and more impactful than ever, and 40% of supply chain professionals say risk mitigation falls on sourcing & procurement teams.

Improve resiliency by unlocking greater visibility into supplier data & insights.

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Supply Chains Depend on Quickbase

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Get Prepared for the Next Disruption with the Help of a No-Code Platform

Quickbase’s no-code operational agility platform enables organizations to improve operations through real-time insights and automation across complex processes and disparate systems.

- Connect all your data and workflows: Unlock supplier data from ERP and core legacy systems.
- Build transparency into supplier information: Gain real-time visibility into supplier information all in one place.
- Be ready to rapidly adapt to change: Create your own custom dashboards and set up notifications to stay informed.

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Gain a New Level of Visibility

Here’s how Quickbase can help your sourcing and procurement teams.


Contract Management

Easily access supplier contracts and contact information to collaborate with vendors.

Performance & Risk Scorecard

Track supplier metrics with custom scorecards to assess performance and risks associated with multi-tiered vendors.

Compliance Management

Ensure suppliers remain complaint with ethical & environmental standards, health and safety, and more.

Material Quality Management

Track overall quality of materials and identify defects to quickly develop supplier corrective action requests.
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Supplier Capacity Management

Easily assess supplier conditions by collaborating with them to track inventory and conduct analysis on capacity.
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Material Pricing & Costs

Manage various costs associated with supplies across multi-tiered vendors.
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We could never have achieved this level of business without Quickbase. It has become an irreplaceable resource that’s core to our entire business."

Read how Redboard Circuits generated $8 million in sales through automation with Quickbase.

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