Ensure Quality Standards and Enable Continuous Improvement

Easily manage, analyze, and improve complex processes in real-time, and improve the quality of your organization's outputs.

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Streamline Quality Across Production and Operations

When your team has reliable data surrounding quality management, you can easily improve collaboration with suppliers and understand potential issues with materials or products before they cause disruption. With real-time visibility, your team will be able to avoid delays and deliver the right materials on time.

With Quickbase, your quality management teams can overcome the challenges of siloed data and streamline processes that run outside of your core systems.

Drive Improvement With Unified Teams

Quickbase provides a single source of truth to track damages, manage compliance checklists, and record production line inspections.

You'll be able to streamline inspection for components and end-of-line testing for finished products, and drive improvement by unifying your departments. And with real-time visibility into workflows, your team can easily standardize CAPA to effectively minimize rework and waste.

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Proactively identify the impact of defects and continuously improve quality in real-time

Quickbase can help your quality management teams overcome the challenges of siloed data and streamline processes that run outside of your core systems.

Single source of truth

Create custom reports and views for visibility into quality processes across performance, audits, inspections, defects, costs, and more.

Meet industry regulations

Communicate training requirements with employees, track training hours and provide visibility into current policies, standards and regulations.

Easily visualize inspection results

See results of inspections in real-time to provide insights into demand planning for production across all levels of your organization.
Quality Control Visual Builder

Get a competitive advantage and build agility.

Quickly create new reports, dashboards, and workflows as product lines shift, new products needing quality checks are introduced, and new processes are identified.

Prepare quickly and completely for audits and inspections by accessing the right data and insights in an easily understandable format.

Notify managers immediately when there is a quality issue, allowing them to stop production early and reduce waste, or potentially shipping orders that will be returned.

Safely and securely provide Quality Management teams with the information they need to ensure products are at optimal quality on a platform that IT can control, govern and trust.

Quality Control Management Resources

You could count on between five and 15 minutes just to enter a job, whereas in Quickbase, it takes seconds.

Kelly Hayes
Senior Business Analyst, CCI Systems