Field Services

Give more power to your field teams. Track client and project information from any location and on any device.

The essential platform for teams in the field.

Your field teams rely on having the right information at their fingertips, whether working at their desks or when going on-site. Storing this data in spreadsheets and legacy systems can slow them down, resulting in missed deadlines, errors and waste.

With the Quick Base platform, equip your teams with the tools they need to better manage their day with a tailored field services solution that matches your business.

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One Platform, Many Powerful Applications

  • Work Order Management

    Maximize efficiency and reduce errors by automating and tracking work orders

  • Project Management

    Turn strategy into a project plan, break down the work, and stay on top of progress.

  • Asset Management

    Ensure your teams have the right materials, tools, equipment, vehicles and to complete their work on time.

  • Vendor/Contract Management

    Make smarter purchasing decisions by tracking contracts and selecting the right vendors.

  • EHS Incident Tracking

    Increase safety and compliance by recording all incident information including photos and documents in one secure location

  • Financial Management

    Achieve new levels of financial efficiency and real-time visibility into your business’ performance.

Deliver superior service to customers

Delight your customers by giving your team the up-to-date information they need when they’re on-site. With Quick Base you'll complete more projects on-time and under budget while building stronger client relationships that drive revenue growth.

Collaborate better across field teams and locations

Reduce costs and keep projects on track by updating critical job info in real time from any device. Access job-specific details, create reports on the fly, or view high-level dashboards all in one place.

Improve safety and ensure compliance

Quick Base helps you minimize costs by defining the right processes to meet your mandates and keep your operations running safely and efficiently.