A customizable sales CRM that works the way you do.

Closing deals and growing pipeline is easier with a cloud-based sales software platform the entire team loves to use. Try it free today.

End the spreadsheet chaos.

Merging monthly spreadsheets from dozens of reps can be messy, and poor communication can lead to lost deals. Our sales lead management software enables your team to track leads and update statuses all in one central, cloud-based, customizable CRM database. With excellent sales-tracking software, you'll have less dissipation and more collaboration.

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Manage leads your way with a 100% customizable CRM.

Quick Base's sales software has flexible functionality that lets you quickly configure a custom sales management CRM to align with your team's unique processes and terminology. Start with a ready-made sales management app or build your own without coding or IT assistance. Don't change your company to fit the software; create your own CRM software based on the needs of your company!

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    Improve your team's accountability and productivity.

    Quick Base allows you to create dynamic CRM database software that actively motivates your team. Highlight pending tasks, leads, and see results in real time. Set automated alerts, reminders, and notifications for assigned tasks or approaching deadlines. Automate your workflows with smart forms that trigger data updates and actions.

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    Empower decision-makers with real-time data using powerful sales dashboards.

    Create drag-and-drop dashboards to share the right information with your reps, managers, partners, and other stakeholders. Need data from other apps? Connect Quick Base, in just a few clicks, with other cloud apps and sync data automatically. Enable sales reps to easily access their most critical information: their own pipeline and leads, as well as product-line collateral and resources. Inform executives with a visual summary of key business metrics. Our sales management CRM enables everyone to filter, sort, group, search, and modify existing reports or create their own with the easy-to-use report builder.

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    Find and record information wherever, whenever.

    Our online CRM solutions are mobile. Sales CRM software from Quick Base can be accessed anytime, anywhere with smartphones and tablets. That means that even when your representatives are on the go, they can record leads, track changes, and let you know about the status of deals. Whether you're working out of a central hub or several locations, cloud-based, mobile CRM applications will allow you to access the most up-to-date information.

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    Spend more time making sales, not navigating your sales CRM.

    Quick Base simply allows you to do more. You can solve many types of problems with one dynamic, unique CRM: Database software functions keep track of many leads, trigger-based actions make your team more productive, and automated reporting keeps your stakeholders in the know. With our easy-to-implement software solutions, you can reach information enlightenment. Whether you'd like to use one of our ready-made sales applications or want to know more about our solutions, contact us today.

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