Customer Partnering Principles


Thank you for taking the time to review Quickbase’s Terms of Service (“TOS”). These Customer Partnering Principles are intended to provide useful information about Quickbase’s enterprise application platform as a service and the core principles of the one-to-many business model which are reflected in Quickbase’s TOS and associated documents.

These Principles are provided for informational purposes only and will not be made part of any future contract between your organization and Quickbase.

What does Quickbase sell?

Quickbase provides a cloud-based application platform as a service (“aPaaS”) low code/no code platform that is accessed through the Internet. Quickbase delivers our aPaaS using a genuine one-to-many, multi-tenant business model. Quickbase manages the single platform to enable all of its customers to develop their applications independently.

How does Quickbase use and protect our data?

Throughout the life of the engagement, the Customer retains complete ownership of its data. As a practical function of running the aPaaS, Quickbase is able to see and collect information on a customer’s use of the aPaaS, without seeing or having access to Customer’s data, which is securely encrypted within the Customer’s applications. Quickbase uses the data it collects about the use of the platform to improve the overall functioning of the aPaaS.

Furthermore, Quickbase maintains and adheres to rigorous, industry-standard privacy and security policies. Customers are encouraged to visit and to learn more about the systems Quickbase maintains to ensure its customers’ data is secure.

Can we attach our own security and support exhibits to Quickbase’s TOS?

Quickbase has a unified approach to security and support and maintains industry-leading certifications. Our ability to provide a consistently high level of service relies on the standardization of Quickbase’s operations. As a result, Quickbase does not agree to individual customer’s security or support policies which do not accurately reflect Quickbase’s security controls and single back-end support model.

Will Quickbase agree to a customer’s data processing agreement?

Quickbase’s ability to provide a one-to-many service delivery model requires that we standardize our security and privacy methodologies. Quickbase’s Data Protection Addendum (“DPA”) is located at and is incorporated into the TOS. Quickbase’s DPA is mostly comprised of the Standard Contractual Clauses which form the lawful transfer mechanism by which Quickbase lawfully transfers personal data that is contained within Customer Data outside of the EU. Quickbase does not agree to modifications of the “Standard Contractual Clauses” because by law, the Standard Contractual Clauses cannot be modified without approval by the European Data Protection Board.

Does Quickbase permit its customers to audit Quickbase?

Quickbase has thousands of customers, and in order to maintain the security of Quickbase’s Service and facilities we are not able to permit individual customers to audit Quickbase. However, Quickbase is routinely and vigorously audited by an independent third party and Quickbase makes the results of those audits available to our customers upon request in the form of a summary SOC2 Type II audit report.

How are users assigned?

Customers are able to assign their own users on the aPaaS. Each user must use a unique login and password to access the aPaaS. Sharing of access credentials between users is prohibited. Customers who may be contemplating having numerous users might consider discussing usage-based plans with their Quickbase Account Executive.

Does Quickbase offer Termination for Convenience?

Termination for convenience is as odds with Quickbase’s subscription-based model. A fundamental element of Quickbase’s business model is that both parties are committed to the specified Term in the agreement. When a customer signs up for a specified subscription length (one year or multi-year), Quickbase guarantees the price the customer receives up front for the entire duration of the Term based on the customer’s commitment.

Does Quickbase offer unlimited liability?

Quickbase does not offer unlimited liability. A fundamental principle of Quickbase’s business model is that damages arising from a breach of the agreement are subject to a limitation of liability. Quickbase’s TOS contains an industry-standard limitation of liability that mutually protects Quickbase and the customer by equally limiting each party’s damages for a breach of the agreement. The limitation of liability is directly related to the subscription fees paid by the customer in exchange for Quickbase’s delivery of the aPaaS.

Does Quickbase offer professional services?

Yes, Quickbase can provide enablement services (optional consulting or training services) and professional services for implementation, integration, and configuration of Quickbase’s subscription service. In the event that your organization purchases professional services directly from Quickbase, Quickbase will provide a statement of work for your review. Quickbase professional services are solely for the implementation, integration, and configuration of the Quickbase subscription service and Quickbase provides a broad license to use the professional services for customer’s use with the Quickbase Service. Work completed on a customer's Quickbase application under a professional services engagement cannot function outside of the Quickbase environment and therefore cannot be removed from Quickbase's environment.

Does Quickbase provide an acceptance testing period?

Since Quickbase provides the Service to all of our customers on a “single code line” the viability of our Service has already been proven by Quickbase’s 6000+ global customers who use the Service on the same “single code line.” Therefore, unlike application service providers that offer customizable installed software, acceptance testing is not applicable to Quickbase’s business model. However, Quickbase understands that you may want to test the Quickbase service yourself prior to purchasing and makes available a free trial on our website.

Please find the Quickbase Terms of Service here.