Creating Visibility in Your Supply Chain

How organizations are uniting data, workflows, and teams to build truly transparent supply chains

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Chris Pliakis

Chris Pliakas

Chris is the Director of Solutions Consulting and is responsible for working with our customers to co-create a vision of how Quickbase will empower the problem-solvers in their organizations to transform the way work gets done. He has a diverse, 15-year background in software and joined Quickbase in 2016 as the Chief Software Architect.
Micha Hardie

Micha Hardie

Micha Hardie is an Demand Programs Manager at Quickbase. She joined in July 2019 to lead demand generation efforts for industrial and operations groups. Micha has 3+ years of experience in SaaS technology, working in Marketing Campaigns prior to Quickbase.

Achieve visibility in your supply chain

Visibility throughout your organization's supply chain is the key to operational efficiency, ensuring customer satisfaction, and outperforming your competition. But supply chains are by nature complex, and information is stored and managed in several different locations, like:

• Email, paper, spreadsheets, and file sharing platforms
• Core systems like SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce
• External partners & their respective systems

Watch this webinar to learn how you can unite disparate systems, teams, and sources of information across your supply chain for true visibility. Quickbase's Director of Solutions Consulting, Chris Pliakis, will explain how organizations across key industries have leveraged a low code platform to solve for this challenge.

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