Quickbase COVID-19 Special Platform Plan Terms of Service

1. Agreement.

The Quickbase Terms of Service agreed to as part of your account signup process (the “Terms of Service”) and these Quickbase QuickBase COVID-19 Special Platform Plan Terms (the “COVID-19 Plan Terms” and together with the Terms of Service, the “Agreement”) govern your use of the Quickbase Service under this free COVID-19 Special Platform Plan (the “COVID-19 Plan”). In the event of any conflict between these COVID-19 Plan Terms and the Terms of Service, these COVID-19 Plan Terms will control. If you do not wish to be bound by these terms, do not use the COVID-19 Plan.

2. Current Customers.

If you have a paid account with Quickbase, these COVID-19 Plan Terms only apply to your use under the COVID-19 Plan and do not modify any terms governing your paid account.

3. Permitted Use.

Your license to use the Quickbase Service is limited to use cases related to the COVID-19 outbreak response and support for the public good by creating applications based on templates available on the Quickbase Exchange under any category containing “COVID-19.” Should Quickbase determine, in its sole discretion that any use case falls outside of the Permitted Use, your access may be suspended or terminated.

4. Entitlements.

The COVID-19 Plan entitles you up to 1000 users, creation of unlimited apps, 20,020 MB of app space, 3,015 GB of file attachment storage, 1,000 API calls/month, 250,000 step runs, 5 channels, access to Quickbase University for training and certification, and access to Quickbase’s standard support channels. You do not have the right to exceed these limits unless you elect to upgrade to a paid Quickbase plan.

5. Changes to Plan.

Quickbase may impose additional limits on certain features, uses or restrict your access to portions of the Quickbase Service in connection with this COVID-19 Plan at any time. In the event your use of the Quickbase Service hereunder exceeds reasonable usage limits determined by Quickbase or other restrictions related thereto, Quickbase may terminate your access to the Quickbase Service immediately and without notice.

6. Term.

This Agreement will remain in effect until September 30, 2020.

7. Effect of Termination.

Upon termination or expiration of this Agreement, your right to access the Quickbase Service and any applications and data contained therein pursuant to this COVID-19 Plan will automatically expire, unless you upgrade to another Quickbase plan; however, you may download your data at any time prior to the termination or expiration of the Agreement.

8. Modifications.

Quickbase may modify these COVID-19 Plan Terms with or without notice.