Build a COVID-19 vaccine distribution solution in days

Big brand and in-house built software are failing to deliver the speed and adaptability you require for each phase of vaccine distribution. We can help.

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Accelerated path to your vaccine distribution – available today

Quickbase is partnering with local governments to deliver solutions in days on a single, secure platform. The solution includes:
Immediate access to our no-code operational agility platform, with a dedicated implementation team to get you started
A set of templates, based on best practices of our state and local customers, to use as a starting point for your vaccine distribution management solution
Fast customization and iteration to meet the unique needs of your community and keep up with changing regulations

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Transparency for you and the community

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Manage data collection and distribution processes, like vaccine registration and scheduling.
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Roll up data into dashboards used for faster decision making or public visibility.
Update processes, dashboards, and workflows as timelines and resources continue to change.
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Security standards and frameworks

Fully encrypted and auditable, we have earned some of the strictest compliance certifications and attestations, including SOC 1 / SOC2, HIPAA, EU-US Privacy Shield and DFARS.
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