Quickbase Event Terms and Conditions

The following Quickbase Event Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) govern Your registration for, and participation in, Quickbase’s City Tour 2023 in-person event (the “Event”) and are entered into between You (“You”, “Your”, or “Attendee”) and Quickbase, Inc. (“Quickbase”). By clicking the "Register” button during the registration process, or by attending or participating in the Event in any capacity, You accept and agree to be bound by these Terms and represent that You have read and understand all the provisions herein. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS, DO NOT REGISTER FOR, OR PARTICIPATE IN THE EVENT.

1. Event Conduct.

Quickbase reserves the right to refuse admission to, or to eject, any person whose conduct is disorderly, disruptive, harassing, vulgar, obscene, indecent, defamatory, hateful or otherwise offensive (including conduct consisting of disparaging statements or opinions regarding race, gender or ethnic background) or who fails to follow any of Quickbase’s or the Event location provider’s other rules or directions, as determined by Quickbase in its sole discretion, including any covid-19 procedures. The Event is not open to Attendees under the age of eighteen unless accompanied by an adult.

2. Giveaways/Raffles.

Attendees may receive giveaways or opportunities to participate in incentives in connection with the Event. By registering and accepting any discounts, giveaways, or items of value related to the Event, you acknowledge that you are doing so in compliance with applicable laws and your organization's code of conduct.

3. Attendee Badges.

Attendees will be provided Event badges upon checking-in to the Event. Badges must be worn at all times during the Event. Badges must be scanned to attend any break-out or keynote sessions. Quickbase will use badge scanning technology at the Event to administer and improve the Event experience and solicit feedback and/or interest in Quickbase products and services.

4. Sponsor Use of Badge Scanning.

Third-party companies may have exhibits at the Event (“Sponsors”). Sponsors may also conduct their own badge scanning at the Event. By allowing a Sponsor to scan Your badge, You are authorizing your registration information to be shared with that particular Sponsor and agree to receive communications from such Sponsor, which are subject to that Sponsor’s privacy practices, including their privacy statement or policy.


5. Changes to Events.

The Event is subject to change at any time. Quickbase does not guarantee the attendance of any third party (including any Sponsor or speaker), or that any scheduled session, breakout, keynote or other activity will take place. Quickbase reserves the right, including without prior notice, to make any change to the Event program at any time for any reason (including modification of the schedule or content of, or cancellation of, any session, breakout, keynote or other activity).

Quickbase is not responsible for, and no reimbursement will be issued for, any other costs associated with Your attendance at the Event.

6. Attendee Cancellation.

Instead of cancelling, You may transfer Your registration to a colleague. For questions or to make a transfer, please email [email protected].

7. Attendee Personal Information.

You acknowledge that the personal information collected from You in connection with registering, and participating in, the Event may be processed by Quickbase and used to (i) contact You regarding Your registration (ii) provide information about the Event and (iii) provide You with information about products and services that we think You may be interested in. Any such use is subject to Quickbase’s Privacy Policy. For questions about Quickbase’s use of your personal information or your rights, send an email to [email protected].

You also agree that Quickbase may share Your personal information with its third-party service providers to process Your registration. Such third parties may have their own privacy policies that apply to their processing of Your personal information.

7. Use of Photographs and Video Footage from the Event.

You grant to Quickbase, its representatives and employees, the right to record, film, live stream, photograph, or capture your likeness during the Event, in any media now available or hereafter developed and to distribute, broadcast, copyright, use, or otherwise, globally to disseminate, in perpetuity, such media without any further approval from you or any payment to you. You agree that Quickbase may use such media with or without Your name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, and web content.

7. Covid-19 Protocols.

Quickbase is committed to creating a safe experience for all Attendees, which includes abiding by applicable regulations and guidance, respecting venue health and safety requirements, and following industry best practices. You acknowledge and agree to abide by any covid-19 protocols provided by Quickbase. If you are unable to comply with such protocols.

8. Limitation of Liability.

The maximum aggregate liability of Quickbase, for all damages, losses and causes of action in connection with these Terms, whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, will be the Event registration fees, if any, paid by You and received by Quickbase for the Event.

9. Governing Law; Jurisdiction.

These Terms will be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, without regard to its conflict of law provisions. Any disputes arising out of or related to these Terms, shall be exclusively brought in the federal or state courts in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the parties waive any objections related thereto.