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Maximizing Telecom Productivity at NATE Unite 2024

Written By: Matt Lieberson
February 1, 2024
4 min read

People come to Memphis for a lot of things. Ribs. The blues. Beale Street. But telecommunications experts are coming to Memphis for NATE Unite 2024. This gathering of the biggest names in the industry are coming together to share best practices on safety, communication in the field, workforce challenges, and digital transformation to take on their telecommunications work.

In an industry built on safety and communication, chaos and uncertainty are unacceptable. Everybody needs to be kept on the same page – from project status, to materials, and more. Centralizing all of your information into a single dashboard will keep your projects on-track, and keep your teams connected. And as Dynamic Work becomes the way work gets done, it’s more critical than ever to optimize your processes.

Quickbase will be at NATE Unite, at booth 524, showcasing how you can capture information from the field, ensure safety and compliance, and control your complex workflows. Before joining us at NATE, here’s how three industry leaders are making their telecommunications work more dynamic.


Vertical-One partners with the biggest names in telecom to maintain strong wireless connections via tower construction, modifications, upgrades, and maintenance. Prior to bringing Quickbase on board, Vertical-One was using inflexible tools that were poorly suited to fast-paced projects. Without the ability to collaborate, finance and project management teams couldn’t keep track of information.

With Quickbase, Vertical-One built an application to act as a single source of truth – centralizing information necessary to bring a tower project from planning to final inspection. Vertical one has brought together information on contracts, permits, calendars, expenses, and more, all to streamline the process for all of their projects and increase capacity for more work. Vertical-One is saving 10 minutes for teams in the field every time they step on-site with automated hazard analysis, and reducing time spent on financial processes from hours to 15 minutes.


Comcast Cable’s mission is to connect customers to the experiences that matter to them, and staying up to date with connectivity needs is critical. Project Genesis, their project to update and deploy their next-generation access network to improve reliability and service for customers affects billions of devices. Upgrading this infrastructure requires coordination with internal and external stakeholders, not to mention coordinating all of the usual permits and alignment of work.

“The most important thing is that everyone is looking at the same tool…getting and giving the same information to each other,” said Blake McFall, Analyst 3, Central Division, Engineering Operations for Comcast Cable. “People in this building are scheduling node cuts, interacting with our business partners to understand where and what to prioritize.”

By integrating data across multiple data sources, Quickbase can keep everyone from Comcast on the same page, with stakeholders across the business understanding the status of their work. That collaboration has allowed Comcast to reduce strain of pivoting tool to tool, and better prioritize the most important work.


AT&T is a global telecommunications giant, with projects and information across the world to manage. And when they have information in multiple systems, work becomes incredibly complicated.

“That’s a recipe for guaranteed miscommunication but also rework: people over here working on a task, and people over there are working on the exact same task because nobody communicated,” shared Angel Rivera, Business Manager at AT&T.

With Quickbase, AT&T can now scale critical processes and avoid the costs and frustrations of rework.

“It lets us figure out our gaps and fragments, and put processes and procedures in place. We had so much rework happening pre-Quickbase, and we’d already tried other approaches and solutions. As you work through a business model, your goal is typically to scale, expand, and continue growing your business,” she added. “Quickbase finally allowed us to get our ducks in a row in order for us to scale.”

Organizations looking to better manage the dynamic work that is telecommunications can learn from these examples. Understanding how to manage data, processes, and people in the field can make a massive difference in reducing time wasted and increasing capacity for new work. We’re excited to share how you can do that at NATE Unite.

Matt Lieberson
Written By: Matt Lieberson

Matt Lieberson is a Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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