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Simplify Industrial Property Management With No-Code Tools

Written By: Ray Waldron
October 10, 2023
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Managing industrial properties can be a fast-paced, high-stress endeavor. From managing tenant relations and monitoring energy efficiency to fielding maintenance requests and ensuring compliance, the daily to-do list in industrial property management can feel a mile long. A property management application can help, but choosing the right software is imperative. A property management software program must automate workflows to minimize errors and increase efficiency. It must also integrate data and tools from disparate systems to deliver a unified view of the business and property portfolio. Exceptional property management programs should enable teams to customize every aspect of the software, ensuring that teams have tools that are perfectly suited to each project.

For industrial property management software that checks all these boxes and many others, more firms today turn to Quickbase. As a no-code application development platform, Quickbase offers pre-configured software solutions for property management that can be easily adapted and customized by virtually any team member, regardless of their technical background.

The Advantages of Property Management Software

Powerful property management systems can dramatically reduce the effort involved in managing day-to-day activities while improving visibility, eliminating errors, and enabling smarter decision-making.

With a superior industrial property management system, firms can:

  • Accomplish more in less time. By automating workflows, industrial property management software can perform in seconds what it takes teams of human beings minutes or hours to accomplish. As a result, management software helps accelerate timelines and increase efficiency.

  • Connect data for 360° visibility. When teams manage tasks and documents with manual workflows, it’s difficult to get real-time updates on the status of projects, leases, insurance coverage, utilities, and tenant relationships. A powerful industrial property management system will connect disparate data silos and provide flexible dashboards that deliver a real-time view of the business and every property.

  • Respond quickly to emergencies and opportunities. In property management, agility is key to maintaining profitability. With support from the right software system, you can turn on a dime when necessary to respond to emergencies or to take advantage of new opportunities. As you take more properties under management, an automated software system will allow you to scale processes and workflows easily.

  • Find, hire, and keep top talent. Attracting and retaining the right people is always difficult. However, when workplace processes are automated and employees are focused on strategic priorities rather than repetitive tasks, hiring and retaining talent becomes much easier.

Quickbase: No-Code Software for Industrial Property Management

Quickbase is a no-code application development platform that empowers team members with little or no coding experience to create, connect, and customize software solutions that fix visibility and workflow gaps. With Quickbase, your teams can create applications that address the inefficiencies and challenges they see every day.

In addition to enabling users to create software from scratch, Quickbase offers a broad range of preconfigured solutions to address the challenges of many industries. Quickbase’s solution for industrial property management delivers comprehensive capabilities and several key benefits.

  • Accurate, real-time data – anywhere, anytime. Quickbase connects critical systems, centralizes data, and streamlines communication to enable your team members to access the information they need, anytime they need it. Personalized dashboards and reports along with mobile capabilities provide real-time visibility into the status of every project and property. No more manual, disconnected “Gray Work” leaving data and processes stuck in the shadows.

  • A central document repository. Quickbase centralizes document management, securely storing leases, property agreements, product data, contracts, and more in one place. That allows your teams to find a contractor property agreement in seconds.

  • Custom solutions and integrations. Because no two real estate projects are alike, your teams need tools that can be easily customized to the requirements of each project and property. Quickbase’s no-code platform lets you build and customize tools without having to reinvest in new technology for each new project. Using drag-and-drop tools, you can easily integrate Quickbase software with the systems you already use for contract management, file management, communication, and other workflows. You

In addition to industrial property management, Quickbase offers solutions for residential, commercial, and retail property management. See how the largest food retailer in New Zealand uses Quickbase to manage their $3B property portfolio.

Building Solutions with No-Code Tools

Quickbase’s no-code platform enables users to build sophisticated applications using simple drag-and-drop tools. Working in a visual environment, users can build software from scratch, from imported spreadsheets, or from pre-existing templates that can be modified for specific use cases. To build an app, users simply drag and drop elements onto a page. Reusable and pre-built components make it easy to add functionality fast. Quickbase’s Visual Builder lets users diagram, plan, and build apps with visual guidance through the entire process.

Quickbase Pipelines makes it easy to connect software projects to existing systems and data sources in minutes. Pipelines lets users orchestrate workflows across a broad ecosystem of software by leveraging an intuitive interface to map together different components of business logic. When building apps, users operate with the support and governance of IT teams to ensure that apps conform with standards for design, security, and compliance.

Why Quickbase?

Quickbase is the only fully customizable, no-code platform that empowers businesses to enhance operations and collaborative abilities through automation, unmatched support, and real-time insight. As a pioneer of citizen development, Quickbase offers proven processes and best practices that ensure the success of each new development project.

With Quickbase, businesses can:

  • Automate workflows by integrating disparate data and existing systems across a broad ecosystem of software.

  • Continuously deploy application changes with sandboxing capabilities to update apps and transform data without downtime.

  • Provide each individual with access to personalized, real-time insights that help to improve the business every day.

  • See, connect, and control projects of limitless complexity.

  • Continuously improve complex business applications without the cost of traditional development, maintenance, or deployment.


What is industrial property management software?

Industrial property management software helps to simplify and streamline the many tasks involved in renting, managing, and maintaining industrial properties. Industrial property manager software typically provides an all-in-one platform for handling tasks related to administration, marketing, communications, finances, maintenance, and other essential aspects of managing a property portfolio.

What’s important in industrial property management software?

Superior industrial property management software should automate routine tasks to eliminate errors, accelerate timelines, and enable staff to spend time on more strategic projects. Management software should also integrate data silos throughout the organization to provide teams with a complete view of the business and the property portfolio. Fully customizable solutions are critical to ensuring that the software can adapt to the needs of the business and its unique workflows.

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Written By: Ray Waldron

Ray Waldron is an Associate Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.