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Making Solar Dynamic – Quickbase at Intersolar North America 2024

Written By: Matt Lieberson
January 2, 2024
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San Diego is one of the sunniest cities in the country, with an almost-perfect climate year round. Fitting, then, that Intersolar North America is coming to San Diego January 17-19, bringing together industry leaders to accelerate the energy transition.

Quickbase is excited to be at Intersolar to support this greener future, at Booth 527 in the Expo Hall. But, a greener future is only clouded with Gray (Work) if we’re stuck with disconnected systems and data. With research, budgeting, client information project workflows, and delivery details scattered, making real progress becomes impossible.

Solar is a quintessential Dynamic Work challenge. Working in solar means coordinating physical and digital assets, taking on complex projects, and doing so in a way that can access data from tons of systems in a centralized way. Here are the challenges that solar teams face – and what we’re sharing at Intersolar to make the solar industry more dynamic.

Dispersed teams and resources

Solar teams are incredibly dispersed, and they have a ton of scale. Working with solar means either high-volume work in a small area, or huge solar fields and warehouses where keeping track of things can become a challenge. Manual processes mean slow reporting, and a delayed response from the field to the back-office. Up to date information becomes difficult to find, impacting residential sales teams as well as anybody trying to reconcile data or job status.

The right mobile capabilities can equip sales, field, and warehouse teams to work faster and better online or offline. FastField allows teams to connect the field to the back-office and capture real-time data from the field even without connectivity. And with Quickbase Mobile, these teams can access the data they need when they need it, regardless of what system it lives in.

Managing high volumes of inventory

Solar installations are expected to hike 53% this year – reflective of the amount of demand in the solar energy market. That means a lot of customers, with a lot of needs. But still being a newer industry, it can take significant time and resources to manage customer questions and needs. Keeping customers up to date on project status, managing service requests, and keeping the right staff on-hand can be a major challenge.

Improved service comes with providing real-time visibility to all customers. Whether you’re updating residential designs, keeping teams apprised of project status, or sharing photos with customers, bringing this end-to-end visibility is critical to keeping customers happy. With a connected, single source of truth, you can provide comprehensive real-time updates via a customer portal – and keep all of that data connected with Pipelines.

Keeping teams and resources under control

Having clear visibility into company performance can make clear when changes need to be made or what areas need attention. That can go for sales teams, vendor management, subcontractor management, or any number of challenges. Tracking performance means knowing what is happening in your company.

Build relationships and optimize overall performance by managing your connections from one central place. With visibility into performance for your teams and vendor-enabled visibility for project status and materials management, you can reduce time dedicated to fielding requests and improve relationships with your vendors.


Intersolar is all about forward-looking insights and impactful networking. Find us at Booth 527 to learn more – and how to make your solar energy work more dynamic for 2024.

Matt Lieberson
Written By: Matt Lieberson

Matt Lieberson is a Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.