Employees Share Stories of Worst Bosses Ever

So you think you have a bad boss?

You may not think so after reading tales submitted by employees suffering delusional, narcissistic, idiotic and nasty managers.

For example, Employee Surveys solicits stories about bosses gone bad. These stories are real – the names are removed to protect the innocent. (In other words, the innocent employees.) Each submission is paid $10, probably in recognition of the pain and suffering by these woeful workers.

Want to see how your malicious manager or snarky supervisor stacks up? Here are some of the stories shared:

  • “After working feverishly one week to complete a $12 million loan package, my boss (an avid gambler) returned from Lake Tahoe and called me into his office. Thinking I was going to be acknowledged for the exceptional job I did on the loan package, I was horrified when he began screaming at me for not dusting his office while he was gone.”
  • A worker told the boss of a dying grandmother and time off was needed. “My boss replied, ‘Well she’s not dead yet, so I don’t have to grant your leave,’” the worker wrote. “ And, I was told to complete my workday. Suffice to say I did not finish my workday.”
  • “The final straw for me was the day that he (boss) told me, ‘You would be much cuter girl if you just lost some weight.’ I was subsequently fired when I responded that “I may not be thin, but I can lose weight and you will always be shorter than I am and your hair will not grow back.’”
  • One boss yelled at a hardworking employee for keeping her desk too clean. He said that if her desk was clean, then she “wasn’t working hard enough.”
  • “I went to work and slipped on a wet floor. My ankle swelled up. My boss wouldn’t let anyone take me to the emergency room until I finished processing daily invoices. She told me to stop moaning and just put my foot up. Five hours later, she had someone take me to the ER. It turned out that I had broken my ankle.”
  • “A boss of mine (I was the chef of a catering company in San Francisco), during a performance review said, ‘You are not doing anything wrong per se, there is just this intangible vibe  that I can’t really describe that is keeping me from feeling like you deserve a raise.”

But the bad work experiences don’t stop there. The Washington Post recently asked readers to give their own ideas on how to “completely, utterly destroy an employee’s work life.” Among the contributions:

  • “Only take credit for successes. When things go wrong, make sure you know who to blame.”
  • “Just keep those pie charts and glossy presentations coming.”
  • “Give the employee of the month award to the guy who stayed in the office when told his son was in a car wreck.”
  • “Keep people in the dark and then criticize them for not knowing what is going on.”

Do you have a bad boss story to share? Or other things that drive you crazy about your boss?

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  • tim

    Dan book Sams club Las vegas worst boss in history he recently has fired several manager . Sams club needs to fire him he always demeans associates and manager no matter whos around. he expect red carpet rolled out for him upon his arrival if sams or wal-mart or who ever knew his behavior they should be appalded .we the $9.00 hr associates work hard not to be treated like this

  • wont give name afraid to

    Dan book market manager in las vegas . Has to be about the worst boss ever i work there and all he does is threat and make managers and associates lives unbearable .he makes comments that are against EEOC laws. He comes in acting like he owns the stores. Fired pwople all the time. Wal mart needs to wake up after 15 plus years in this company i cant wait to get out. Dan is by far the worst boss ever.

  • ms. anonymous

    Paul rose worst host boss ever Hes a coke head during work screams at his underlings and uses facilities at casino for personal treats himself to comp food and alcohol keeps liquor and drugs in his office thinks his boss wont catch him

  • paul

    Dan Book was in my club last friday and humiliated my club manager Scott. now scott is fearing for his job. He is a total wreck. when is Sams Club going wake up . Dan Book is bad for moral and business. All the asscoiate hate him .

  • an asst mgr

    Dan book of sams club at it again. Last week we had corprate visits and he was in vegas stores yelling at everyone god i wish they get rid him . I hate my job because of this guy. Why does wal mart not see this

  • IhateLarryBuck

    Larry Buck is also a terrible human being to work for, and a just plain terrible human being to be around.